Passport Tour Rack

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Lightweight, ultra-rigid, tubular alloy touring rear rack

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Passport Tour Rack [Bikes] Accessories


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You don't know the next time you are going to see home, you came here to get away from that. The few meagre luxuries you have with you are tucked away like precious little eggs in the pannier behind you. You have to look after yourself on the road.

Tour Rack is a solid rear mounted pannier rack with an integral low-rider frame. It is made to support you on your big journeys, carrying your stuff until you decide you have had enough. Funnily enough it plays nicely with our Sonder Santiago and Camino framesets.

Low riders - other than just sounding cool - lower the hang height of your panniers thus improving stabilty. If you need the extra clearance just pop your pannier up to the top bar.

An added bonus is a bolt-on "light tube" which provides a secure fixing for most LED rear lights designed to fit on seat posts.

The Tour Rack won't make your bike look any sexier than it already does, but you will be able to stay away from home longer.


Key Features

  • 105 x 300mm top platform
  • Welded strap/elastic lower struts
  • Adjustable eye to platform distance 340-360 mm
  • Lightweight, rigid, tig welded 10.2mm x1.9 thick alloy tube
  • 6mm drilled eyes
  • Rigid and secure 4 point 8mm sliding alloy rod fixing

Origin: China