• Green Oil Green Clean - 1L
    • Green Oil Green Clean - 1L

    Green Oil Green Clean - 1L

    Eco-friendly bike cleaner


    Powerful and biodegradable plant-based bike cleaner to safely wash your bike. Ships as concentrate to reduce its carbon footprint
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    Green Clean is powerful all-purpose bike cleaner that leaves your bike shiny and clean without damaging your frame.

    The natural detergent is made from coconut oil, apple and orange peel extracts and other plant-based ingredients - the orange peel is a by-product of the organic orange juice industry! This formula is completely biodegradable and avoids using nasty petrochemicals or abrasive particles which can be harmful to the environment.

    To minimise its carbon footprint, Green Clean is shipped as a 300ml concentrate for you to dilute at home. This reduces the weight of the bottles - most bike cleaners are over 90% water - saving carbon that would otherwise be produced in transportation.

    The bottle reuses plastic drinks bottle caps and the nozzle has both wide spray and ‘water pistol’ squirt modes. You can refill your cleaner by diluting a bottle of Green Oil Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly or by filling up in participating bike shops.


    Key Features

    • Plant-based formula is biodegradable, petrochemical-free and garden friendly
    • Sold as concentrate to reduce carbon footprint - just dilute to make 1 litre of cleaner
    • Two nozzle modes: wide spray and water pistol squirt
    • Carbon fibre-safe formula
    • Container can be refilled with Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly or at participating bike stores
    • Container reuses a fizzy drinks bottle caps
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond

    Vital stats


    Plant-based 300ml bike cleaner concentrate (dilutes to make 1L of cleaner)
    Apple and Orange Peel Extracts
    Coconut Oil


    Reused plastic drinks bottle cap

    Origin: UK

    Sustainability and Product Care


    Green Oil Green Clean is a plant-based bike cleaner that’s fully biodegradable. Most chain degreasers contain petrochemicals are abrasive particles that are harmful to the environment.

    Green Oil removed most of the water content from Green Clean to reduce its carbon footprint. Many bike clears are over 95% water, which is a lot of weight to ship about. To combat this, Green Clean comes as a concentrate - just add water from your tap!

    Green Clean reuses plastic drinks bottle caps to save on plastic. The reused caps used are random - some are HDPE (plastic type 2), and some polypropylene (plastic type 5) - if your council won’t recycle them, Green Oil will take them back to reuse them again!

    The bottle is easily recyclable but the trigger spray is made from multiple types of plastic, making it difficult to recycle. However, you can always refill your spray bottle with diluted Green Oil Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly and re-use it repeatedly!

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