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Active Traveller: Sonder Camino Al

An excellent option for all round adventuring

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Author: Active Traveller
Advntr Review the Sonder Camino Al

Sonder have played a blinder with the Camino, producing a fast, fun and comfortable bike with no obvious flaws. Often we test bikes that have a but… , such as a high cost, a press fit BB or feeling weighty but not here. The Camino lives up to the ideal of an Adventure bike, a compromise of road vs trail, but without ever feeling out of its depth. 

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Author: Nigel Leech
Camino Al featured in IMB mag

Up front, it was flared drops that really had us surprised, thinking they were just a quirky, beard stroking addition; they are fundamental to the stability of handling in the rough.

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Author: Ewen Turner
Camino Al in Top 10 Adventure Bikes of 2018/2019

The comfortable position is perfect for gravel excursions or riding long distances loaded with luggage.

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Author: David Arthur
Testing The Sonder Camino Al

A great value bike capable of much more both on and off road than the price might suggest.

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Author: Benedict Pfender