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Wax Cotton Stem Cell

Stem-mounted bikepacking accessory bag

Wax cotton stem-mounted bag for carrying your food, water bottle, camera, cooking mug, or tools you want to keep close to hand. Limited Edition, UK Made.

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Sorry, this product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.


Modern rackless bike luggage made from waxed cotton, a natural and traditional material, right here in our UK factory. Wet waxed cotton looks great, feels great and is entirely functional thanks to the wax coating which gives the fabric its water resistant coating.

Graze as you ride by filling Stem Cell with your favourite trail mix, energy gels or water bottle. Stem Cell attaches to your bikes' stem to provide easy-to-access storage space for the stuff that you’ll need frequently during your ride. It works well as a stand-alone bag for day riding or as a part of your cockpit setup on longer bikepacking adventures.

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A webbing ladder offers endless attachment points around the flight deck; simply cut the VELCRO® strap provided to size. A drawcord closure creates a 7 cm extension tube to fit a 600 ml bottle or 750 ml Nalgene; the regular Stem Cell also fits a Mytimug 650 and the XL even fits a Brukit!

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Key Features

  • Stem-mounted storage that you can access as you ride
  • Made to last in the UK
  • Elasticated drawcord closure creates extension tube for maximum capacity
  • Bar-tacked webbing ladder for endless attachment points
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


  Regular XL
Weight 85 g 115 g
Capacity 1.8 litres 3 litres
Diameter (top - bag tapers in at the bottom) 21 + 7 cm 25 + 7 cm
Height (back + extension tube) 21 + 7 cm 25 + 7 cm


Closure: Drawcord Construction: Stitched Fabric: Waxed Cotton

Fitting Guidelines

Stem Cell has a handy webbing ladder for attachment, you can secure it to your stem using the velcro straps provided. Attach 2 Stem Cells either side of your stem for a more balanced ride and extra capacity.

Origin: United Kingdom

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

Caring for your gear is all part of the adventure. This bag is made from wet waxed cotton, you will need to rewax your bag every so often so that it maintains its water resistance. We recommend rewaxing every 12 months, or sooner if you notice your bag isn’t repelling water as it should. First, make sure your pack is clean. If it isn’t clean just sponge it down with cold water and brush it lightly to remove dirt or grit. If it’s really dirty (these things happen!) hand wash it in cold water with Nikwax Tech wash. Don’t dry clean or wash your waxed cotton pack. Now your bag is clean… Spray Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof onto the outer of the bag, paying close attention to the seams and area s of high wear. The waterproofing will look opaque and white, don’t worry - it will dry clear! Once you’ve sprayed the bag, rub the cotton proof into the fabric and remove any excess. Buff the bag. Let the bag hang dry in a well ventilated area, avoid humid places! It may take a coupld of days to completely dry. Bob’s your uncle! A rewaxed bag ready for your next adventure! If you don’t fancy rewaxing your own bag, you can send it off to Rewax and they’ll do it for you. Head over to for more information.​


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