Heading out on the open road, your trusty metal steed packed with everything you need: of no fixed abode, if only for a few nights. This vagabond existence doesn’t mean you have to forgo all home comforts though. You don’t need much: just a comfy chair for you both to slump into and a flat surface for your pot to bubble away on.

Vagabond Table

Somewhere to chop, fry and stir without crouching and hunching... actually, just somewhere to rest your drink without fear of losing half of it: such simple pleasures. 60cm high, 50x50cm wide and collapsing down flat into a car boot-friendly 60x18cm, the humble Vagabond table makes all the difference. Just a couple of tealights away from a positively refined camp dining experience.

Vagabond Chair

Reclining in comfort until the light goes or sitting around the campfire, mug in hand: the Vagabond Chairs are always worth chucking in. Weighing under a kilogram and folding down into a bag that’s no bigger than a couple of water bottles end on end, there should be plenty of room for that extra bit of camping luxury. The perfect height for the Vagabond table too.