Titanium Cookware Bundle

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titanium cookware set for cooking up a storm (or just making a brew) on your lightweight adventures

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Bundle your gear and save £6.97

  • MytiBowl 300

    £14.99 individually

  • MytiMug 400

    £25.99 individually

  • TiMigos

    £14.99 individually

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​Titanium makes brilliant cookware. It’s light and strong, long-lasting and recyclable, and it’s super inert so it doesn’t taint the taste of your food. It keeps your pack light without sacrificing on performance – we just love it!

This bundle lets you achieve your dream of fully titanium tableware. The Mytimug 400 is perfectly sized for your morning cuppa/lunchtime soup and doubles up as a lightweight cooking pot. The Mytibowl 300 is the perfect size for a solo adventurer’s serving, and the Timigos cutlery set will see that your food arrives safely in your mouth before packing away nice and compactly in your bag.

Fast and light mealtimes have never been so wonderful.