Swim and Sketch by Derwentwater - Alpkit Keswick


Wild swim in Derwentwater followed by a sketching session

Join us on Derwentwater on the 20th of October for a morning swim and sketch, led by Always Swimming Wild and Diane Cannon.

Think misty mornings, still lakes, mountain views and autumn colours.

Ali from Always Swimming Wild will lead you in a dip/swim around the bay. This will focus on the health benefits of swimming, how exposure to the cold can help and finding your own swim spots. This will be open to swimmers/dippers of all levels, front crawlers, breast-stroke folks and doggy paddling all welcome!

After your dip you will have the opportunity to sit and sketch the view you have just swum under. You will have the opportunity to paint your own reminder of the morning. Bring along any sketching equipment you can easily carry, and warm layers to wrap up in. Diane will show you some tricks which will help you to capture the scene in watercolours.

To swim you'll need:

  • Swimsuit/wetsuit and towel
  • Woolly hat (possibly two, one for the water and one for after)
  • Swimmg socks will be provided
  • Please let the Keswick shop know if you'd like to borrow a wetsuit and they can organise one for you

  • To sketch you'll need:

  • Something to sit on (the floor is rocky but not boggy)
  • Lots of warm clothes - warm socks!
  • Your own sketching equipment
  • If you would like to borrow any sketching equipment please let the Keswick store know in advance

  • Whilst you are sketching there will be warm drinks and pastries to warm you from the inside out.

    We'll meet at the National Trust car park near Calfclose Bay at 8:30am on October 20th. The lake is a 5-minute walk from the parking.

    Keep fingers and toes crossed for a beautiful morning!

    Tickets are available through the Eventbrite checkout below

    Swim and Sketch by Derwentwater - Alpkit Keswick Swim and Sketch by Derwentwater - Alpkit Keswick Swim and Sketch by Derwentwater - Alpkit Keswick