The Sprite provides a wide spread of ambient light so you can cook outside, read in your tent or faff about in your van without having to wear a head torch - and you can see everyone else without burning their retinas out!

  • Provides a wide spread of ambient light for camping
  • Multiple hanging options with silicon ties and magnetic strips
  • Can be powered by any USB power source

A broad spread of light that illuminates your tent or camping area can often be more useful than the concentrated beam and glare of a head torch. The Sprite uses 30 LED lights in a white silicon casing to provide a wide swathe of light (220 lumens of it) that can be arranged however you want.

The flexible casing, three silicon ties and three magnetic clips give you loads of hanging options: stuck to the tops of car boots, dangling off trees and awnings or attached to the roof of your tent. Also, the white nylon carry bag is designed to double up as a lantern if you bundle your Sprite up inside with a battery pack.

The Sprite can be powered by any USB power source, whether that’s a portable battery pack or a 12V adapter from your vehicle. And it's IPX4 waterproof-rated to protect your lights from splashing rain and damp camping.


Key Features

  • Flexible silicon light strip can be positioned for a wide spread of ambient light
  • White nylon carry pouch doubles up as a lantern when used with a power bank
  • Can be hung using three silicon ties or three magnetic strips
  • Works with any USB power source – battery packs, car batteries, mains
  • IPX4 waterproof rated to protect it from splashes of water
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


LED: 30x SMD 5050 (220 lumens)
Strip: Silicon





Origin: China


The Details