Sonder Alpha 650b [OEM]

Light & tough 650b road+ gravel wheels


Fast, light and tough 650B tubeless-ready gravel wheels with sealed bearings and 12mm thru-axles

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Sonder Alpha 650b [OEM] Light & tough 650b road+ gravel wheels


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Sonder Alphas are our performance disc brake wheelset. The 650B Alphas are built specifically for gravel adventures and road plus speed. And while they’re light, they stay super-strong and practical – they’ll easily take wide tyres and are built for riding fast over miles and miles and of trails. When we designed the Alphas we were thinking about the wheels we’d choose to race Tour Divide or a quick day out at Dirty Reiver.

Our design team’s expertise along with the factories we use mean that we can accelerate trickle-down technology to this price point.

The Alpha’s tubeless-ready rims are suitable for 47mm road plus up to 2.2” MTB tyres, which means they’ll take any of the vast array of gravel tyres available to suit our specific adventures. By using tubeless tyres you’ll be able to run lower pressures, giving you even better traction and control.

Alpha hubs run on sealed bearings, which are 12mm thru-axle front and rear. We’ve used a 6 pawl freehub to give 120 points of engagement for immediate pedalling response (most hubs only have 60, which means you have to turn the pedals further before engaging the freehub). Oh, and the hubs sound amazing!

Alphas have been designed to be a durable, long-term part of your bike. They’ve been designed with long rides and endurance racing in mind – these would be a perfect choice for gravel racing and fast multi-day trips. Sealed bearings make them easy to look after. And a steel free-hub body will take miles and miles of abuse.

Alphas give a beautifully fluid ride. Light rims mean they spin up to speed quickly while super-smooth bearings keeping you rolling and rolling. They’re the wheels we choose when we want to go far, fast. Road, gravel, loaded for multi-day racing, these wheels fly!


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