Phil Hill's swim film 'Liminal'


Improving mental health through cold water wild swimming

Join us at Alpkit Kingston on November 3rd for a screening of 'Liminal'; one woman’s journey into the water and out into positive mental health.

Beautiful, inspiring, affirmative.

Jude Palmer likes having adventures and loves taking others with her. 5 years ago, she had a mental breakdown and turned to cold water to ease her pain.

Throughout this short film, she speaks openly about what it feels like to cross the threshold between being on the shore and the often icy water. Between mental illness and finding her way back.

"The rawness of the cold is very similar to how i felt when i was really vulnerable. It's like each time the water says 'who are you?' and it's my choice to answer back. The cold helps me turn off my head when nothing else did. It gives me the space to be me"

Packed with stunning imagery and thought provoking moments, Liminal is a great way to start a conversation about mental health.

Created by Phill Hill @THE_PHBALANCE and Jude Palmer @RUNSURREYHILLS.

The screening will start at 7pm on November 3rd at our Alpkit Kingston store.

Tickets are available through eventbrite below.