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School of Adventure

Learn something new or improve your skills.

Inspiring Talks

Listen to seasoned adventurers tell their tales of derring do.

Outdoor Films

Watch the latest from the outdoor film festival circuit.

Outstanding Music

There's no better way to end the day than good boogie.

Adventures By Day

Learn something new. Try out wild swimming.
Run with friends. Cycle the trails.
Hike with a guide. Master tarpology.
Forage for food. Explore the Peak District.
Have an adventure. Make amazing memories.
With so much to do at Big Shakeout, you're spoilt for choice.

Entertainment By Night

Dance the night away. Hear tales of adventure.
Warm by the fire. Enjoy a hot meal.
Escape with a film.
Have a sing-along around the campfire.
Pour yourself a pint. Catch up with friends.
Nights at Big Shakeout festival are just simply unforgettable.


Have you booked your parking tickets?

If you're driving to Big Shakeout, you'll need a parking pass

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Have you booked your Campervan ticket?

If your tent has an engine and 4 wheels, you'll need one of these campervan passes.

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