Improvers Navigation Course For Women


Join us at Alpkit Keswick the weekend of the 19/20th of February for an improvers navigation course for women by Harriet of Navigation with Harriet.


Who is this for?

This compact day is perfect for women that have already done some navigation but would like to brush up on their skills. An opportunity to get reacquainted with all things map and navigation. It would suit someone that's glanced at a map before and has some understanding of what it is but would like to further their knowledge or continue to build their confidence (skill and confidence go hand in hand).



An indoor session 7 - 9pm at Alpkit Keswick with drinks and snacks where we'll reintroduce the basics of mountain navigation, learn new navigation strategies and create a route card for the next day. 


We'll cover:

- Different strategies for effective map reading
- Revisit the symbols on the map and what they mean
- The compass and how we can use it to navigate
- Route planning
- Relocation techniques (finding yourself on the map if you've misplaced yourself)



    Approximately 5 - 6 hours from 9:30am on mountainous terrain putting into practice the route card you created and learning navigation strategies on the way. A lovely day out on the hill.


    Tickets are £45 and there are 10 spaces available.


    To see more of what Harriet gets up to visit her website:


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    Improvers Navigation Course For Women Improvers Navigation Course For Women Improvers Navigation Course For Women