Some hillwalking kit lives in our rucksacks year-round, essential gear reassuringly squatting beneath our waterproof trousers and a fine topsoil of stray sandwich crumbs.

The Hillwalking Safety Kit contains a compass for navigation regardless of weather conditions, a headtorch to get off the hill safely once the sun goes down, a first aid kit for treating minor injuries and a survival bag for if it all goes completely to pot.

Williams Compass
Expedition compass with clear and precise markings for ease of use when navigating. Grid reference and distance scales for OS, Harvey and BMC maps with a reflective needle and damping oil in the bearing for more precise readings.

Viper Headtorch:
Lightweight (95g) and compact 240 lumen rainproof head torch. Suitable for night navigation with a 115m maximum beam length, long battery life (5,13, 115 hours for high, medium and low settings respectively) and a reactive lighting mode that automatically swaps from the bright spot beam to a dimmer flood beam when you look down at your map.

Solo Adventure First Aid Kit
Streamlined emergency first aid kit in a re-sealable foil bag to meet minimum race requirements and dealing with emergencies in wild places. Contains wound dressings, a 10x10cm non-adhesive dressing, wound cleansing wipes, plasters, adhesive tape, steri-strips, a conforming bandage, triangular bandage

Survival Bag
Orange single person survival bag; a safety essential with reflective inner (that retains 90% of your radiated body heat) and taped seams for protection from the cold and wet in emergency situations. Weighs 105g with an 8cm x 13cm x 2.5cm pack-size and 213 x 91 cm flat size.