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Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe set
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Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe set

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The Eco Rider Deluxe set contains all the bike cleaning and maintenance products you need to keep your bike rolling and squeaky clean, without harming the environment. The set comes in a recycled plastic tub with carry handle and contains:

Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly 100ml
Degreasing gel that sticks to your chain, break down grime and scrubs off, leaving chains clean. Plant-based, biodegradable and PTFE-free. Recycled plastic bottle.

Green Clean bike Cleaner 1L
Powerful and biodegradable plant-based cleaner to wash your bike safely. Ships as a 300ml concentrate (just dilute at home) to reduce its carbon footprint<.>

Chain Lube 100ml
Biodegradable and PTFE free chain lube using plant-based ingredients. Protects and lubricates for over 125 miles. Recycled plastic bottle with long nozzle.

Ecogrease 200ml
Plant-based grease for bike building and to stop parts seizing. Grease gun compatible, biodegradable and kinder to skin.

Bicycle Brush
Sustainably made bike brush with cog spike, built to last for years. Made from FSC-certfied wood and plant-based bristles.

Recycled clothing bike rag!

Bike Armour
Metal plates to protect, and cover dents on your bike

A packet of seeds!
Because the tub is made of polypropylene, it can't be recycled by most councils. So you can reuse it, Green Oil have included a packet of seeds! Each set includes a pack of Rocket Salad, or Basil Herb seeds. When you’ve finished with your tub, fill it with compost, and grow some food for the next ride (well, a ride in 3 months time!).


Key Features

  • Green Oil products use plant-based, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients
  • All products are free from toxic petrochemicals and PTFEs
  • Tub and 100ml bottles are made from recycled plastic
  • Bike brush is made from FSC-certified sustainable wood sources and plant-based bristles
  • Natural formulas are kinder to the skin
  • Grow yer own herbs!
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Origin: UK

Sustainability & Care


Green Oil products use plant-based, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients. All products are free from toxic petrochemicals and PTFEs.