Fixe Twin 440 snapgate set of 2



Pair of oval snap gate carabiners with symmetric shape, very useful for caving and rescue teams

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Who wants to spend precious time trying to squeeze various ropes and slings on to an asymmetrical carabiner? Nope, me neither. This oval shaped Twin 440 has an excellent carrying capacity for speedy, no hassle attachment.

The sleek, uniform shape reduces carabiner shift and makes it very difficult to load incorrectly. Load forces have a tendency to 'self-equalise' by balancing the load equally which allows the carabiner to retain full strength in assortment of conditions.

The symmetrical design enables the Twin 440 to be utilised for pulleys as well as making an ideal racking carabiner. The oval shape and keylock gate mean you will be snagging your wires less and climbing more!

Composed from lightweight aluminium and anodised to protect from corrosion and give that lovely gleaming red to brighten any rack of gear. Sold as a pair.


Key Features

  • Uniform shape prevents shifting
  • Anodised aluminium
  • CE and UIAA certified

Origin: United Kingdom