Fixe Daisy Chain



1 metre long daisy chain for progression in aid climbing

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The Daisy chain is an aid climbers third arm, a sewn loop with a series of short loops that allow the climber to adjust the length of the sling.

The long loop is threaded through the climbers belay loop with a larks foot through the reinforced short loop. A screwgate carabiner can be attached to the long loop and used to clip in. A second carabiner can be used through the daisy chain loops and clipped into the screwgate to shorten the length of the sling. Incorrect use of a daisy change is extremely dangerous, make sure you read the instructions or seek professional training before use.

Safety notice: This daisy chain is intended only for aid climbing, NEVER use as part of your belay or protection system or clip in short. If you need to shorten the length of the daisy chain use a second carabiner. If you want a system for clipping into belays please use the Fixe Multi Chain.


Key Features

  • Dyneema for high strength, low weight and abrasion resistance
  • EN566 and CE 0082 Certified
  • Rated 22kN

Origin: United Kingdom


The Details