Carlswark Cavern Guided Trip


18th September

Enjoy a beginners caving adventure experience in Carlswark Cavern and explore the world underneath the Peak District.

This course is brought to you by Pure Outdoor and the Alpkit Foundation to give more people the skills and the means to Go Nice Places and Do Good Things. All courses are led by qualified instructors.

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Carlswark Cavern Guided Trip Carlswark Cavern Guided Trip Carlswark Cavern Guided Trip Carlswark Cavern Guided Trip Carlswark Cavern Guided Trip
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What to Expect:

During the day you'll visit the Carlswalk Cavern, learn about its creation over 300 million years, discover beautiful formations and fossils as well as evidence of mining dating back centuries. The caves is mostly walking sized with some sections of stooping or hands-and-knees crawling.
Please Note: You may need to pay a cave trespass fee of £3

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What to Bring:

Before setting out you'll be kitted out with over suit, wellies, kneepads, helmet and lamp and we'll make a plan to be safe underground, including taking a detailed look at the weather.

Clothing that will keep you warm when wet will be needed to wear under the caving oversuit that is provided. A change of clothes and a towel are also a good idea.

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Essential Information:

Minimun Age: 16
Course Provider: Pure Outdoor
Student / Instructor Ratio: 8:1
Start/Finish: Pure Outdoor HQ, The Adventure Hub, Unit 1 Hope Valley Garden Centre, Bamford, S33 0AL
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at Pure Outdoor HQ at least 15 minutes before the course starting time to meet your guide, prep your equipment and ensure a timely departure. Any delay in departure will shorten the group’s experience.