You can never have enough socks…
(Unless you’re the sort of person who has whole draws full of socks, with lots of tiny little holes in them that you’ve been meaning to darn but never find the time to, so you keep buying new socks to replace the ones with holes in, and eventually find yourselves with so many socks that you have to start fashioning them into mug-cosies, children’s sock puppets and body warmers for guinea pigs, until you have so many sock-based crafts that you have to start up a web business just to get rid them all… then you’ve probably got enough socks.)
Anyway, here are ten more for your drawer!

Aktif Ankle

Mid-cut multiactivity Coolmax® socks with sculpted padding over impact points, vent points to keep your feet cool and a flat toe seam for comfort. (3 pack)


Mid-calf mid-weight Coolmax® hiking socks for spring to autumn walking, ribbed to provide support and prevent slippage. (2 pack)