Tales of Adventure at the Big Shakeout

What campfire is complete without stories to share round it? Some of our favourite adventurers and Alpkiteers are joining us at Big Shakeout to share and discuss their latest exploits, and answer our burning questions about their adventures.

Between the Daring Deed Yurt and the General Store Talks, here's a taster of what's to come! Check the full line up in your BSO programme when you arrive!

Saturday Night Line-Up...

Komoot Chill Zone

Rich Seipp

4pm - Getting your kids into the outdoors
Rich Seipp hosts a relaxed forum on encouraging kids into a life long passion for adventure. Having spent many summers holidays seeking out big adventures with his son Tom, come along and help forge a new wave of adventurers!

Al Humphreys

5pm - Ask an Adventurer
Alastair Humphreys leads an informal session on ‘Ask an Adventurer’ Come along and chat about what life’s like as an adventurer with a chance to ask questions around making a career from it to finding time to fit it all in!

Alpkit Store Talks

Al Humphreys

7pm - A Single Map is Enough

Anna McNuff

8pm - Barefoot Britain

Al's Chat Show

9pm - Adventure Panel

Daring Deeds Yurt

Helen Mort

8:30pm - Never Leave your Dog Behind

John Churcher

9pm - Climbing Blind

Rich & Tom Seipp

9:30pm - The Great North Trail

Al Humphreys - A Single Map is Enough

2020 forced us all to remain closer to home than ever before. During the months of that first lockdown Alastair tried running every street in his neighbourhood, climbed trees, went for walks and read books.

With a growing feeling that the world of adventure needed to change, Al began to consider if a single map can offer enough exploration for an entire lifetime? So, he ordered a local area OS map and decided to explore closer to his front door than ever before. Come and hear how he's been getting on and take a dose of proper doorstep adventure inspiration.

Emma Kingston - Bikepacking England

Emma is an outdoor adventurer, writer, teacher and self-confessed map geek, who lives in Bristol – the UK’s first designated ‘cycling city’. She has ridden, walked, climbed and camped in the South West for over twenty years and her knowledge of the area is enviable.

Emma took up bikepacking when she realised it meant that she could stay out and ride her bike for longer, take the time to explore interesting places off route and eat an outrageous amount of ice cream. She'll give a whizz through the delights of bike packing discovered in England whilst writing this, her first, guide book.

Helen Mort - Never Leave the Dog Behind

Shortlisted for the Boardman Tasker Prize, 'Never Leave the Dog Behind' is a compelling account of mountain adventures and misadventures, and captures the unbridled joy of heading to the hills with a four-legged friend.

Award-winning writer Helen Mort sets out to understand the singular relationship between dogs, mountains and the people who love them. Along the way, she meets search and rescue dogs, interviews climbers and spends time on the hills with hounds. The book is also a personal memoir, telling the author’s own story of falling in love with a whippet called Bell during a transformative year in the Lake District.

Anna McNuff - Barefoot Britain

A mission to run 100 marathons from the Shetland Islands to London in bare feet. Anna is an adventure, speaker and self proclaimed mischief maker. Back in 2019, Anna ran 2,352 miles (the distance of 90 marathons) through Britain – completely barefoot.

Starting in the Shetland Islands and ending five months later in London, weaving her way along rugged coastlines, through small villages, across moors, along beaches, over farmland and even pitter-pattered down the odd picturesque A-road too.

Kelly-Jayne Emmerson - Riding and Kids

Kamoot and Cotic ambassador Kell is an adventure cyclist trying to ride all of the bikes. On the hunt for some nice flow and a bit of tech on some adrenaline pumping descents and beautiful views.

Discovering a new adventure in her life she recently became a new mum and is finding ways to combine both these deep loves. So come and hear how she mixes Bikes and baby life, bikepacking with a baby and planning routes around family life.

Rich and Tom Seipp - The Great North Trail

Big Shakeout regulars Rich and Tom will give an account of their recent adventures on the Great North Trail. Tom’s school holidays usually herald a departure on a big bike ride, usually abroad. Having ridden across France following the French Divide route, ridden the 1955 Tour De France route and most recently ridden the 2745 mile Tour Divide.

Back in 2020 however they avoided going abroad due Covid and instead opted for a bike ride from their front door, which followed in part the Great North Trail (GNT) to Cape Wrath.

Suzie Wheway - Wild Swimventures

Thinking how to get the most from your wild swimming experience, the good bits, the wet bits, the hows, the where, the what to wear and the cake? Suzie Wheway of Peak Swims will take you through a whistle stop guide to wild swimming in the UK.

Suzie is an open water swimming coach and guide, year round outdoor swimmer and Swim England outdoor swimming ambassador.

Rehna Yaseen - The Power of Outdoors

Working for the Lindley Educational Trust, Rehna is an outdoor instructor and youth and community worker who spends many of her days giving city-based teenagers fantastic outdoor adventures that they wouldn’t normally get to experience. We're also delighted to have Rehna on our panel of trustees at the Alpkit Foundation.

We're excited to have Rehna at the Big Shakeout to talk about her experiences and the importance of encouraging participation and diversity in the outdoors.