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Sleeping Equipment Sale

In this section - Sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Now's the time to start looking over those sleeping arrangements for the year ahead. There's a broad range of sleeping bags and mats that will aid a good nights sleep wherever you venture this year. Down or synthetic, +7C right through to -48C, lightweight adventure races to world travel.

Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating

Airo 120

Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g it is lightweight, durable and extremely packable Airo 120 is loved by lightweight adventure seekers


Airo 180 self-inflating roll mat / sleeping mat - chilli ( red )

Airo 180

Your full length lightweight and compact self-inflating mat


Dirtbag sleeping mat


The fattest baddest self-inflating mat for all those dirtbag moments in your life, weighing just 900 g it is comfort you can carry


Dover self-inflating luxury camping mattress comfort - green


At 7.5 cm thick this is the most luxuriously comfortable camping mat we make, ideal for camping where comfort is the priority


Double dozer double luxury self inflating camping mat - green / cactus

Double Dozer

Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort.


Dumo inflatable sleeping camping mat / mattress


Full-length inflatable camping mat with a built-in foam pump and an off-the-scale lightness to comfort ratio.


Mora - Single hammock for camping


One-person hammock for camping with hanging straps; a compact, comfortable and easy-to-hang addition to your sleep system


8 mm closed cell foam camping mat


8 mm closed cell foam mat for camping; a simple roll mat to use alone or as an insulation layer under a regular mat on frozen ground


Mountain Ghost sleeping bag synthetic

Mountain Ghost 140

7˚C limit 1 season synthetic sleeping bag weighing 980 g, ideal for summer use in temperate climates


Mountain Ghost 200 synthetic

Mountain Ghost 200

2 season Primaloft Silver synthetic sleeping bag, ideal for 2 season self-supported trips


Mountain Ghost 300 synthetic sleeping bag

Mountain Ghost 300

Backpacking, DofE expeditions, river and cycle touring. A -5˚C limit 3 season Primaloft Silver synthetic sleeping bag weighing 1380 g


Skyehigh 500 Hydrophobic sleeping bag

SkyeHigh 500 Hydrophobic

Duck down comfort for getting a good night’s sleep throughout spring, summer and autumn. -4˚C limit 3 season sleeping bag weighing 970 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down


Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping bag

Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic

Ideal for big trips further afield as well as microadventures close to home. -8˚C limit 3 – 4 season sleeping bag weighing 1140 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down


SkyeHigh 900 Hydrophobic sleeping bag

SkyeHigh 900 Hydrophobic

Winter and high altitude ready, ideal for Scottish winters, trekking Kilimanjaro, and Everest base camp. -13˚C limit 4 season sleeping bag weighing 1420 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down.


Cloud Cover Hydrophobic

Cloud Cover Hydrophobic

A lightweight and versatile alternative to a full sleeping bag. 750+ fill power hydrophobic goose down quilt.


Pipedream 200 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

PipeDream 200 Hydrophobic

Packable comfort for trips in temperate climates. 7˚C limit 2 season ultra-lightweight sleeping bag weighing 545 g with hydrophobic goose down


Pipedream 400 hydrophobic light weight goose down sleeping bag

PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic

Ultra lightweight 3-season hydrophobic goosedown sleeping bag ideal for moving fast and light or lining your winter bag. Box wall construction with a -6ºC sleep limit and weighing just 865 g


Pipedream 600 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic

The winning combo of warmth, comfort, weight and highly packable. -12˚C limit 3 - 4 season lightweight goose down sleeping bag weighing 1085 g


AlpineDream 1000 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

AlpineDream 1000 Hydrophobic

High performance winter mountaineering spec goose down sleeping bag weighing 1500 g, AlpineDream is an ultralight ultra-warm performance bag with a -25 ºC limit


Arctic Dream down expedition sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1200 Hydrophobic

-33ºC expedition style goose down sleeping bag for the extreme cold and weighing 1700g


ArcticDream 1400 Hydrophobic Goose down sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1400 Hydrophobic

-48 ºC limit 4-season Nikwax Hydrophobic goose down sleeping bag weighing 1900 g, for polar exploration, the greater ranges, and those once-in-a-lifetime adventures.


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