Women's Walking Trousers, Shorts and Leggings

Women's Walking Trousers, Shorts and Leggings

Keep your legs free and happy with legwear that protects them from the elements, and helps you stride onto summits, climb without limits or pedal for miles... Read more

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Bloc [Womens]

Organic cotton climbing pants that’ll never hold you back

Bundle price £39.99

Mello Tight [Womens]

Versatile hard-wearing and wicking tights for all-day comfort

Was £34.99
  • Surf
  • Charcoal

Karoo [Womens]

Tough roll up walking trousers, fast wicking and quick drying

Bundle price From £29.99
  • Kelp
  • Stone
  • Tarmac

Chilkoot [Womens]

Comfortable softshell walking trousers with a water repellent coating

Bundle price From £54.99

Arnison [Womens]

Seriously tough outdoor trousers for year-round hiking

Bundle price £69.99
  • Mortar
  • Tarmac

Ardent [Womens]

Double weave softshell trousers for mountain activities

Bundle price £89.99

Kepler Leggings [Womens]

Merino leggings for cold weather layering

Bundle price £49.99

Kraft [Womens]

Technical organic canvas mountain pants for active outdoor life

Bundle price £54.99
  • Brick
  • Tarmac

Jeanius [Womens]

Slim-fit jeans with hidden superpowers: moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating

Bundle price £64.99

Sequence [Womens]

Bouldering jeans with hidden superpowers: extra-tough active-stretch denim

Bundle price £64.99

Faro [Womens]

Softshell shorts with diamond crotch for free movement

Bundle price £64.99
  • Black
  • Reef

Strada [Womens]

Very comfortable and quick drying cycling shorts for extended adventures

Bundle price £59.99

Floe Short [Womens]

Mountain biking shorts designed for durability, comfort, practicality and fit

Bundle price £59.99

Werk [Womens]

Technical organic cotton canvas shorts for an active mountain lifestyle

Was £44.99
  • Brick
  • Tarmac

Wind River [Womens]

Hybrid shorts for hiking mountains and plunging into wild waters

Was £34.99

Parallax [Womens]

Lightweight waterproof trousers with a breathable 2.5 layer fabric

Bundle price £79.99

Koulin Trail Short [Womens]

Medium-length running shorts in a lightweight, and fast-drying fabric

Bundle price £24.99

Koulin Trail 3/4 Tights [Womens]

3/4 length trail leggings with stash pockets and Polygiene™

Bundle price £27.99

Koulin Trail Tights [Womens]

Trail leggings with stash pockets, Polygiene™

Bundle price £29.99

Rhythm Elite Bib Short [Womens]

All day riding bib shorts with anti-microbial chamois

Bundle price £49.99

Rhythm Elite 3/4 Bib Tight [Womens]

¾ length bib tights with dual-density anti-microbial chamois

Bundle price £54.99

Rhythm Elite Bib Tight [Womens]

Full-length bib tights with a soft brushed inner

Bundle price £59.99


For reducing blisters and hot spots when out on the trail

Bundle price £19.99


Waterproof and breathable high-cut gaiters

Bundle price £29.99
  • Black
  • Lego

Nautilus [Womens]

3-layer waterproof trousers for serious mountain use

Bundle price £109.99

Protect your pins from adverse weather in our technical mountain-ready Ardent and Chilkoot softshells, quick-drying Karoo or our Koulin leggings to staying nimble on the trails.

When the sun eventually comes out, try a pair of lightweight Wind River shorts or our running-specific Koulin bottoms. And if the weather never lifts, the waterproof Parallax have got you covered.

Our Jeanius or Sequence jeans are made for the outdoors with added stretch and temperature regulation.

Watch: Testing the Jeanius Jeans