Wild Camping Essentials

Wild Camping Essentials

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Ultra-light inflatable pillow for multi-day hikes, bike tours and overnight adventures

Bundle price £13.99

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml

Bundle price From £2.99
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Hippo Filter Kit

Palm-sized water filtration system

Bundle price £24.99

Airlok 3l

3 litre roll-top drybag: silicone-coated ripstop nylon with fully-taped seams

Bundle price £8.99

Carbonlong Backpacker Twins

150 cm poles for strength and load carrying over rough ground

Bundle price £49.99


Microfibre travel towel, superfine and 1/3 of the weight of a regular towel

Bundle price £7.99

Gamma III

Running head torch with white, red and green LEDs

Bundle price £25.99


Lightweight friction fire lighter for quick and easy fire lighting

Bundle price £9.99

Compact Hiker Twins

Pair of compact rucksack friendly trekking poles

Bundle price £31.99

Backpacker First Aid Kit

For dealing with backpacking emergencies in wild places

Bundle price £14.99

Tanka Fuel Bottle

450ml bottle for carrying your camping fuel

Bundle price £7.99

Solo Adventure First Aid Kit

Race requirements kit in re-sealable foil bag for on-the-hill emergencies

Bundle price £9.99


Rechargeable camping lantern with output to recharge mobile phones

Bundle price £39.99


Compact lumen bazooka: 1000 lumen USB rechargeable handheld torch

Bundle price £44.99

Expeditionary First Aid Kit

Comprehensive emergency first aid kit in a roll-top waterproof bag

Bundle price £22.99

Sawyer Point One Squeeze Filter 3 Pouches (1 x 16 2 x 64 oz)

For backpacking, camping, and all-round adventuring

Bundle price £59.99

Soloist Cooking Bundle

250g stove and cookware set for ultralight 1-person trips

Bundle price £77.96

Wild Camping Accessory Pack

There’s ‘off the beaten track’ and there’s ‘hey, remember when there were actually tracks?’ The...

Was £41.97