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Our lightweight tents have been taken around the world, from pole to pole, through the worst weather and to the highest peaks. And they've also been to your local campsite.

However you camp, we've got a tent for you. Whether you're backpacking, bikepacking, mountaineering or family camping you'll find something. And they're all covered by our 3 year Alpine Bond... Read more

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Our tent range explained

Lightweight tents and ultralight tents

All our tents are lightweight as you never want your next adventure weighed down by unnecessary bulk. Some of them you might not even realise you're carrying. Saving every gram is one our of tent design principles but we never scrimp on weight when it might come at the cost of durability. Our Tarpstar 2 person tarp tent pitches as light as 500g - yes, you read that correctly.

Backpacking tents

Our backpacking tents balance low pack weights with durable materials designed for performance in high winds and giving lots of liveable space.

The Soloist 1 person backpacking tent has a compact, tiny pack size making it an ideal wild camping tent. Backpacking with a buddy? Look no further than Ordos and Jaran, trekking tents available in 2 and 3 person sizes, perfect for multi-day hikes.

Bikepacking tents

Some adventures require something more specialist. Our Aeronaut inflatable tents are lightweight, easy to pitch tents that slip into small bikepacking bags. The Polestar trekking pole tent is a hiking tent that pitches using trekking poles to save weight and reduce pack-size. The Elan hooped bivvy bag is for hunkering down where you drop at the end of a long day.

4 season and mountain tents

We've got years of experience designing 4 season tents for ultimate bad weather protection in the harshest conditions. These stable, geodesic tents will take whatever abuse you throw at them. We've used tough materials and built them to be super durable for use on high altitude expeditions, or as Scottish winter tents. They include the 2 person Kangri, the 4 person Zhota and the Heksa 6 man tent.

Organic cotton canvas tents

Canvas tents are cool in the heat and warmer in the cold. Cotton canvas creates exceptionally breathable tent body for ultimate camping comfort. We make canvas tents from sustainable materials that'll last a lifetime of camping trips.

Our Roundhouse canvas bell tent sleeps 2 to 4 people and will have you family camping in comfort and in style. Frejus canvas A-frame tent is a great option for 2 person camping holidays through 3 seasons.

Camping tents

These tents are ideal for longer camping holidays with loads of internal space and large, covered porches. The Tetri is a 2 man tent with a super stable structure and freestanding design that can also be used for 3-season wild camping. The Axiom is its bigger brother, a 4 man tent that's easy to set up - ideal for group trips and sheltering on rainy rest days. The Viso tunnel tents have a long porch to keep your bikes or climbing kit covered.