Sonder Continental Twin

Sonder Continental Twin

Comfortable and quick titanium road tandem. Cover miles on roads and embark on beautiful journeys to new places. The Continental Twin’s hand-built titanium frame gives the perfect balance of silky-smooth speed, comfort and carrying capacity. Enjoy a day out to explore new roads, load it up for the Wild Atlantic Way or cross New Zealand North to South on an extended tour... Read more

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Continental Twin

Titanium road tandem for pairs heading out to cover miles on the open road

Bundle price £4,599.00

Buy Now. Deliveries from October.

Continental Twin Frame

Titanium road tandem for pairs heading out to cover miles on the open road

Bundle price £3,299.00

Buy Now. Deliveries from October.

Take the Continental Twin on a tour across countries or wheel it out for a day to explore new roads. Go fast or go slow. It doesn’t matter. When you ride a tandem it brings a smile to your face and the world smiles back.

We use titanium for the Continental Twin to give a superb balance between low weight, comfort and strength. It responds superbly when you settle in for a long climb. It takes the buzz out of the road and the sting out of bumps (which really makes a difference to the stoker!). And it’s been built strong enough to load up with everything two people need for an extended tour. This build quality is backed up by our 10-year warranty, so this really is a long-term relationship. A bike for life.

Relaxed geometry gives confidence and assurance on more twisty roads and downhills. Clearance for up to 700 x 45C tyres means that when smooth tarmac turns into an unmetalled road, you can carry on rolling. The Continental Twin has been thoughtfully designed to be a tandem you can ride on any road and not feel beaten up.

With mounts for four bottles, racks and guards, everything’s covered for your longer adventures. Load it up and tackle continental crossings, pedalling together in partnership. There’s something special about spending time on a tandem, developing your relationship with your ride partner. Wherever you’re going together, you’ll get there faster on a tandem.

The Features


Clearance for tyres and wheels up to 700c x 45 mm


Lightweight, strong and responsive with an alloy steerer; kitted out with mudguard mounts which accommodate racks for lightweight loads


Mudguard and pannier rack compatible. Rear rack and guard mounts give you the option to load up your Camino with panniers. Carbon fork options available for front mounts


External cable routing facilitates maintenance when you haven’t got access to a full workshop; cables are fully housed to keep your machinery running smoothly in all conditions


Well-modulated seatstay mounted hydraulic disk brakes give all the power to bring a fully loaded Continental Twin to a halt