Backpacks and Duffle Bags

Backpacks and Duffle Bags

We've been winning awards for our backpacks and rucksacks since 2005. Innovate multi-sport backpacks to run, hike, climb and ride. Our guiding principles are to minimise weight, maximise freedom of movement with hip/chest straps for load-carrying comfort and stability. Gourdon is our iconic multi-sports waterproof backpack for commuter cycling to mountain marathons, think of it as a dry bag with shoulder straps. With a complete custom design service available we design and make bespoke packs here in our own factor for Arctic adventures to El Capitan and Mountain Rescue... Read more

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  • Nemo
  • Chilli

Presta 25L

25 litre multi-activity daypack, lightweight, stable and streamlined
Was £54.99

Orion 45L

Lightweight 45 litre mountaineering pack for carrying heavy kit
Bundle price £84.99

Pacific Crest 65L

65L rucksack for multi-day trekking and backpacking
Bundle price £84.99
  • Black
  • Chilli
  • Lego

Gourdon 25L

25 litre roll-top waterproof dry bag backpack
Bundle price £39.99

Gourdon 30L

30 litre waterproof rucksack with mesh pockets
Bundle price £42.99
  • Denim
  • Mustard


Waxed cotton messenger bag for commuting and travel
Bundle price £74.99

Pelmo 18L

Small waxed cotton daypack with an 18L capacity
Bundle price £84.99

Tyrol 20L

20 litre hillwaking daypack made from waxed cotton with roll-top entry
Bundle price £94.99

Brevent 22L

22 litre mountaineering daypack made from waxed cotton
Bundle price £124.99

Kitbag 30L

UK Made 30 litre bombproof duffle bag
Bundle price From £49.99

Kitbag 50L

UK Made 50 litre bombproof duffle bag
Bundle price From £54.99
  • Space Grey
  • Chilli

Kitbag 70L

UK Made 70 litre duffle bag ideal for your next big trip
Bundle price From £59.99

DryDock 50L

Airline luggage friendly, with rucksack straps and waterproof construction.
Bundle price £74.99

DryDock 100L

Tough and hardwearing 100 litre duffle holdall
Bundle price £89.99

Idaho 30L

UK made waxed cotton duffle bag: ideal kitbag or weekender travel bag
Bundle price £84.99
  • Denim
  • Kelp

Idaho 50L

50 litre waxed cotton duffle bags: ideal for week long travels
Bundle price £94.99

El Packer Small

Hardcore 9 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops
From £26.99
Was £39.99

El Packer Medium

Hardcore 28 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops
From £29.99
Was £44.99

Airlok Xtra 3L

Ideal for carrying valuables and clothing
Bundle price £10.99

Airlok Xtra 8L

Ideal as a pack liner, a swimming float, or for carrying clothing
Bundle price From £13.99
  • Black
  • Chilli
  • Space Grey

Bandicoot Pouch

Secure zipped pouch for keeping your essentials safe
Bundle price £12.99


2 litre hydration bladder with a lockable bite valve
Bundle price £18.99

Sonder Organic Cotton Bag

Sonder branded drawstring bag
Bundle price £5.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo

Vora 6L

6 litre waist pack for carrying riding and running essentials
Bundle price £32.99
  • Nemo
  • Chilli

Skytrail 14L

Secure and comfortable mountain biking hydration pack
Bundle price £54.99

GNPDGT Organic Cotton Bag

Go Nice Places, Tote Good Things, 100% organic cotton canvas
Bundle price £5.99

Traverse 28L

Stripped back 28L rucksack for fast and light adventures
Bundle price £94.99

Traverse 38L

Stripped back 38L rucksack for fast and light adventures
Bundle price £109.99

Pacific Crest 55L

55L rucksack for multi-day trekking and backpacking
Bundle price £79.99

Explorer Duffle

Durable, weather resistant 50L duffle made with recycled materials
Bundle price £59.99

Voyager Duffle

A real beast of a bag. The Voyager 90 is the hold all that really...
Bundle price £99.99

Rucksack Cover

Waterproof rucksack cover in three different sizes
Bundle price From £9.99
  • Black
  • Chilli

El Burro 45L

45 litre roll-top style duffle rucksack
Bundle price £69.99
  • Black
  • Lego
  • Chilli

Gourdon 20L

20 litre Waterproof backpack with bungees and mesh pockets
Bundle price From £37.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo

Artlu 10L

10-litre secure and stable running backpack with space for essential kit
Bundle price £49.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo

Gnarl 15L

Lightweight, high intensity, multi-activity daypack
Bundle price £37.99

EZ Sitter

Folding foam sit mat to keep your bum warm and dry on lunch stops
Bundle price £9.99