Mountain Literature

Mountain Literature

Our staff pick of the best of current mountain literature and great reads. Books we love, books we share and books find inspiring. Some old, some new and all worth tucking into your pack to while away the quiet hours... Read more

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Alone on the Wall

The Ultimate Limits of Adventure
Bundle price £9.99

Echoes: Nick Bullock

One climber's hard road to freedom
Bundle price £9.99

The Bond

Two epic climbs in Alaska and a lifetime's connection...
Bundle price £14.99

The Push

The memoirs of Tommy Caldwell: a climber’s journey of endurance, risk, and going beyond limits
Bundle price £18.99

Ogre, The

Doug Scott’s biography of a mountain and the dramatic story of the first ascent
Bundle price £14.99

Art of Freedom

The Life and Climbs of Voytek Kurtyka, by Bernadette McDonald
Bundle price £14.99

8000 Metres

Yorkshireman Alan Hinkes tells his story of climbing 14 of the worlds highest mountains, all over the fabled 8000 metres
Bundle price £22.99

Blood Sweat & Smears

Bundle price £24.99

Wild Country

A remarkable personal story, offering fresh perspectives on the role of the outdoors in British life and the development of climbing at its most revolutionary.
Bundle price £14.99

No Easy Way

‘If we were guaranteed success in everything we tried then life would be pretty boring.’...
Bundle price £14.99