Head Torches and Lighting

Head Torches and Lighting

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Our head torch and lighting range balances lumens with comfort, burn time, water resistance, weight and durability to let you move freely whether you run, hike, climb, camp, swim or bike.. Read more

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Rechargeable bluetooth speaker and camping lantern
Bundle price £34.99


1000 lumen rechargeable hand torch with 4 hour burn time
Was £44.99

Phase / 400

400 lumen rechargeable bike light for riding at dusk
Was £24.99

Phase / 800

800 lumen rechargeable bike light for off-road riding
Was £39.99


1,800 lumen rechargeable MTB light for riding rough trails at speed
Bundle price From £79.99


300 lumen rechargeable head torch with 11 hour burn time
Bundle price £39.99


High powered rechargeable torch, strong aluminium body with handlebar mount
Bundle price £49.99


Rechargeable camping lantern with a magnetic back and hanging clip
Bundle price £39.99


580 lumen USB rechargeable head torch with focus beam control
Bundle price £34.99

Head Torches and Camping Lights

Darkness doesn’t mean the day’s over, it means the adventure has just begun.

We like to stay out after dark and our LED head torches have always been an important part of our heritage. Our lighting range has been developed directly with feedback from customers, leading athletes and SAR teams.

The design principles balance brightness, battery life, weight, water resistance, features, ease-of-use and comfort to make life easier at night.


Head Torches to Run Hike Climb and Camp

Embrace the darkness. From running in the early hours to late night riding. Our lightweight head torches pack a punch in bright light, are easy to use, comfortable to wear and with a long battery life. Designed for running, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, paddling, and other outdoor activities where a strong beam, comfort, minimal weight and water resistance are priorities.

Camping Lights and Mobile Charging Stations

Camping Lights give 360 degree illumination designed for bikepacking and camping in beautiful spots but equally handy whether caught in a power-cut or your car’s broken down at night. The Lampray, a bright camping lantern and mobile power unit that can recharge an iphone and Bob, a waterproof 200 lumen LED camping lantern that floats, great for those late night dips.