Head Torches, Camping Lanterns and Bike Lights

Head Torches, Camping Lanterns and Bike Lights

Head torches | Camping lanterns | Bike lights

Our head torches, camping lanterns and bike lights have all been designed with a specific purpose in mind. We've considered lumens output, burn time, weight and durability to keep you well lit whether you run, hike, climb, camp, swim or bike.
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Head torches and rechargeable head torches

Darkness doesn’t mean the day’s over, it means the adventure has just begun.

We like to stay out once the sun goes down be it long summer nights or through the winter months. Our head torch range has always been an important part of our heritage developed with feedback from customers, leading athletes and SAR teams.

We've got running head torches perfect for night time trail runs, camping head torches so you aren't fumbling around in the dark and head lamps built for day after day of adventure with durable constructions and rechargeable battery packs.

Which head torch should I buy?

Compare our head torches below so you can choose the best head torch to suit your next adventure.

Property Muon Viper Gamma III Prism Qark Manta
Output (max.) 450lm 240lm 180lm 450lm 580lm 300lm
Burn time (max.) 40h 115h 15h 14h 18h 90h
Light modes 6 5 5 5 4 4
Weight 105g 95g 140g 145g 95g 210g
Battery type AAA AAA AAA Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable

Output (max.) 450lm
Burn time (max.) 40h
Light modes 6
Weight 105g
Battery type AAA

Output (max.) 240lm
Burn time (max.) 115h
Light modes 5
Weight 95g
Battery type AAA

Gamma III
Output (max.) 180lm
Burn time (max.) 15h
Light modes 5
Weight 140g
Battery type AAA

Output (max.) 450lm
Burn time (max.) 14h
Light modes 5
Weight 145g
Battery type Rechargeable

Output (max.) 580lm
Burn time (max.) 18h
Light modes 4
Weight 95g
Battery type Rechargeable

Output (max.) 300lm
Burn time (max.) 90h
Light modes 4
Weight 210g
Battery type Rechargeable

Camping lanterns and torches

Our camping lanterns and tent lights illuminate your camp and are designed for backpacking, bikepacking and family camping trips. They're equally handy if you're caught in a power cut or your car breaks down at night. All our camp lights are cleverly designed: they convert into hand torches, they double as bluetooth speakers, they can recharge your other gadgets and some of them are fully waterproof and float - perfect for night time swims.

Bike lights and mountain bike lights

We've got a full range of bike lights whether you're riding on the road or hitting the trails at night. Our front lights top out at 1800 lumens to turn night into day and feature reactive lighting modes and remote controls for ease of us. Our rear bike lights and red LED safety lights keep you safe and visible whatever your two-wheeled adventure.