Gifts Under £25

Gifts Under £25

Here are the best gifts for outdoor lovers for under £25. We've looked through some of our favourites over the year and there's something for everyone. Books to read while we're waiting for the weather to turn. Treats for the next camping trip. And some of our clothing that, while small, makes a big difference on the hill. Happy shopping!.. Read more

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240 lumen rainproof head torch with reactive lighting mode

Was £23.99

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml

Bundle price £2.99
  • Blue
  • Red


Set of 5 shiny red and grey micro clips

Bundle price £6.99


Increase the efficiency of your camping stove with a windshield

Bundle price £11.99

Airlok Dual 13l

Bestselling 13 litre dual ended bikepacking handlebar drybag

Bundle price £12.99

AAA Duracell Procell Batteries

Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need

Bundle price £4.99


450 lumen head torch with 2 hours burn time

Was £13.99

Airlok Dual 20l

Expedition size 20 litre dual ended bikepacking handlebar dry bag

Bundle price £14.99

Mountain Beanie

Bright geometric Alpkit beanie

Was £9.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo
  • Tarmac

Candy Canes

Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg

Bundle price £9.99


3 litre dual-ended waterproof bar bag for commuting and touring

Bundle price £24.99

Airlok 3l

3 litre roll-top drybag: silicone-coated ripstop nylon with fully-taped seams

Bundle price £8.99


Go chase the sun, sunglasses for adventures with cool UV protection.

Bundle price £14.99
  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Ice
  • Tortoise


3 pack of our breathable microfibre dual skin running socks

Bundle price £13.49


Stainless steel 350ml flask for hot or cold fluids

Was £10.99

Heavy Weight Hiker

Thick and warm boot-length mountaineering sock

Bundle price £13.99

Hippo Filter Kit

Palm-sized water filtration system

Bundle price £24.99

Koulin Trail Tee [Mens]

Lightweight technical base layer t-shirt with Polygiene ™

Bundle price From £23.99
  • Fontainebleau
  • Rocket


3 pack of anti-bacterial, odour resistant mini merino socks

Bundle price £23.99


13 litre expandable water carrier with valve tap

Bundle price £11.99


Pack of 2 COOLMAX® mid-weight walking socks

Bundle price £14.99
  • Tarmac
  • Denim and Space Grey


Titanium spork (or foon? or forked spoon)

Bundle price £7.99


Anti-fog cycling eyewear. Protection from mud, grit and the elements

Bundle price £19.99
  • Matt Black
  • Reef


Ultralight inflatable camping pillow for multi-day hikes, bike tours and overnight adventures

Bundle price £13.99

Fredd 4

4mm Camping Utility Cord

Bundle price £6.99

Picu Tee [Mens]

Recycled polyester and organic cotton blend with drirelease® tee

Bundle price £24.99
  • Charcoal
  • Surf


Lightweight friction fire lighter for quick and easy fire lighting

Bundle price £9.99

Tivaro 13

13 litre waterproof handlebar bag with integrated harness

Bundle price £24.99

Fredd 3

3mm Camping Utility Cord

Bundle price £5.99


1.4 litre waterproof stem bag for easy access to essentials

Bundle price £17.99


Two-piece swimsuit for outdoor swimming

Bundle price £24.99
  • 16
  • 14

Coniston Swimming Cap

Silicone swimming cap

Bundle price £3.99


Beautifully designed, super bright, 190 lumen camping LED lantern

Was £21.99

Aktif Ankle

3 low-cut and lightweight COOLMAX® sports socks

Bundle price £11.99

Kepler Draught Excluder

Luxuriously soft, lightweight pure merino neck warmer

Bundle price £22.99

GNPDGT Beach Towel

100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel

Bundle price £14.99


3 pack of moisture wicking midi socks with COOLMAX® fibres

Bundle price £21.99

Kepler Lightweight Beanie

Naturally technical, anti-microbial, and odour resistant merino beanie

Bundle price £23.99

Tanka Fuel Bottle

450ml bottle for carrying your camping fuel

Was £7.99

Airlok 24l

24 litre roll-top drybag: silicone-coated ripstop nylon with fully-taped seams

Bundle price £14.99

Go Nice Places Bottle

600 ml drinks bottle to keep you hydrated

Bundle price £2.99

Survival Bag

Orange single person survival bag; a safety essential

Bundle price £5.99


Tough 700 ml stainless steel insulated flask

Bundle price £9.99


Long handled titanium spork (or foon?)

Bundle price £8.49

SnapWire Foon

Lightweight folding titanium spork (or foon? or maybe forpoonk?)

Bundle price £7.99

Backpacker First Aid Kit

For dealing with backpacking emergencies in wild places

Bundle price £14.99

Rydal Goggle

Flat lens outdoor swimming goggles with an antifog coating

Bundle price £9.99


0.65 L waterproof top tube bag for easy access to gels, snacks and on-the-move essentials

Bundle price £14.99


200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats

Was £17.99

Specta Pullover Glove

Running gloves with stowable windproof pullover mitt and touchscreen fingertips

Was £23.99

Sonder Bottle

600 ml bidon to keep you hydrated

Bundle price £2.99

Love Mud Fender

Lightweight polypropylene front and rear mudguards

Bundle price From £8.99


For reducing blisters and hot spots when out on the trail

Bundle price £19.99


Jammer swim shorts for warm weather swimming and icy dips

Bundle price £19.99


Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds

Bundle price £14.99

Blank Canvas Tee [Mens]

Mens Plain 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Bundle price £17.99
  • Nemo
  • Black
  • Mint
  • Rocket
  • Forest
  • Chalk
  • Chilli
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