Christmas Leftovers

Christmas Leftovers

Phew, we've nearly made it to the end of another year. High five's all-round, yeeha! Well no turkey sandwiches for us over the next month, but getting ready to roll into 2018 we've gone and stuffed a few more goodies into that big-ol' sandwich that is our special offer zone of the site. Special limited offers on end of line, old styles and more, to make way for new exciting things coming through. Here are the new additions for this festive period, but head over to the Clearance section for the full selection... Read more

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    Fuel Pod

    Lightweight top tube-mounted bikepacking bag in 2 sizes

    Was £34.99
    • Chilli
    • Lego


    Add stability with this Airlok Dual compatible lightweight handlebar harness

    Was £11.99
    • Black
    • Red


    Our most luxuriously comfortable camping mat

    Bundle price £59.99

    Ordos 2

    Ultralight 2 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent

    From £199.99
    Was £269.99

    Gamma III

    Running head torch with white, red and green LEDs

    Was £25.99

    Airo 120

    Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g

    Was £37.99

    Viso 2

    3 season backpacking tunnel tent weighing 3.2kg

    From £114.99
    Was £169.99


    Frame bag with twin compartments, shaped for modern MTB geometries

    From £59.99
    Was £69.99
    • Black
    • Chilli
    • Lego
    • Steel
    • Yellow
    • White

    Mountain Beanie

    Bright geometric Alpkit beanie

    Was £9.99
    • Chilli
    • Nemo
    • Tarmac

    Mountain Ghost 200

    Primaloft Silver 2 season sleeping bag

    Was £89.99

    Double Dozer

    Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort

    Bundle price £99.99

    Akita Jacket [Mens]

    Mid-weight and wind resistant fleece jacket

    From £19.99
    Was £39.99


    2 person 3 season geodesic backpacking tent weighing 3kg

    From £109.99
    Was £149.99

    Mountain Ghost 300

    Primaloft Silver 3 season sleeping bag

    Was £119.99

    Enduro Pod

    0.75 litre minimalist top tube-mounted bikepacking bag

    Bundle price £33.99
    • Black
    • Lego

    Big Papa

    17 litre expedition bikepacking seat bag. Hardwearing, large capacity

    Was £104.99

    Jaran 2

    Twin porch ultralight 2 person 3 season backpacking tent

    From £229.99
    Was £279.99

    Ordos 3

    Ultralight 3 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent

    From £269.99
    Was £309.99

    Airo 180

    Full length lightweight and compact self-inflating camping mat

    Was £44.99

    Jaran 3

    Twin porch ultralight 3 person 3 season backpacking tent

    From £269.99
    Was £329.99

    Enduro Seat Pack

    3 litre day ride saddle bag for ditching backpack weight

    Was £49.99
    • Black
    • Chilli
    • Yellow

    Tonka Zip Off [Mens]

    Convertible hiking trousers: comfortable, fast wicking and quick drying

    Was £54.99
    • Kelp
    • Tarmac

    DryDock 50

    Airline luggage friendly, with rucksack straps and waterproof construction.

    Was £59.99

    Bandicoot Pouch

    Secure zipped pouch for keeping your essentials safe

    Was £11.99
    • Black
    • Chilli
    • Space Grey


    Ultimate handlebar harness to add stability

    Was £59.99

    DryDock 100

    Tough and hardwearing 100 litre duffle holdall

    Was £74.99

    Timbuktroos [Mens]

    Tough hiking trousers: comfortable, fast wicking and quick drying

    Was £49.99
    • Kelp
    • Stone
    • Tarmac

    Roo Pouch

    Kanga compatible pouch extension. Streamlined and tough bag

    Bundle price From £19.99
    • Chilli
    • Lego
    • Yellow
    • Black
    • Lego

    Mountain Ghost 140

    Summer synthetic sleeping bag

    Was £69.99

    Karoo [Womens]

    Tough roll up walking trousers, fast wicking and quick drying

    Bundle price £49.99
    • Tarmac
    • Stone


    Extremely strong 2 person 4 season geodesic mountain tent

    From £359.99
    Was £479.99


    4 person 4 season mountain tent. Exceptional protection

    From £449.99
    Was £659.99
    • with Footprint
    • with Footprint

    AK Tote Bag

    Tote-ally awesome tote bag to Go Nice Places, Do Good Things

    Was £14.99

    Kitbag 50

    UK Made 50 litre bombproof duffle bag

    Was £54.99

    Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [2018] [Mens]

    Our best all-round wetsuit for outdoor swimming in open water

    Bundle price £149.99


    6 person 4 season geodesic expedition tent weight 9.7kg

    From £749.99
    Was £1,054.99

    Kitbag 70

    UK Made 70 litre duffle bag ideal for your next big trip

    Was £59.99

    Bear Paws

    Cycle pogies with Cordura outer, lined inner with microfleece cuffs

    Was £99.99

    Kitbag 30

    UK Made 30 litre bombproof duffle bag

    Was £49.99

    Love Mud Orbit Wheelset

    700c tubeless compatible road, gravel and trail adventure wheelset, with optional dynamo hub upgrade

    Bundle price From £249.99

    Love Mud Hullabaloo Fat Carbon Wheelset

    Fat bike carbon wheelset designed around Love Mud fat hubs

    Was £799.99

    Love Mud Hullabaloo Fat Carbon Rimset

    Pair of lightweight 565 gram carbon rims for building up your own fat bike wheel set

    Was £499.99

    Love Mud Hullabaloo Fat Carbon Rim

    Single lightweight 565 gram carbon rim for building up your own fat bike wheel set

    Was £279.99