Camping Tents and Shelters

Camping Tents and Shelters

From the humble beginnings under a sheet fort in the front room, we all need some shelter. And we've got shelters for every type of camping trip you can think of: tents for backpacking, bikepacking and mountaineering, bivvys bags for lightweight adventures, tarps for that extra layer of protection from the elements and hammocks for hanging around camp in. All guaranteed by our 3 year Alpine Bond... Read more

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Mora Hammock

Lightweight, 1-person camping hammock with hanging straps
Bundle price £44.99

Mora Underquilt

Insulated hammock under layer to prevent hammock heat loss
Was £54.99

Mora Bug Net

Mesh hammock bug net to keep insects at bay
Bundle price £29.99

Camping tents

We know a thing or two when it comes to tents. We've been making them for years. You might be family camping and want room to manoeuvre, you might be heading to the mountains and a 4-season tent is for you or you might packing light and our backpacking tents have caught your eye.

Whatever tent you're after you'll find it here.

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Bivvy bags

Bivvy bags are the best way to experience nature at its purest. They're minimalist and functional and make you feel at one with the outside. Our bivvy bags are lightweight and waterproof and you'll wake up after a night in one with a huge smile on your face.

Go ultralight and bivvy up.

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Camping tarps

Extra protection from the elements while bivvying, no problem. A windbreak at camp, yes please. An awning for your campervan to create that bit of extra outdoor living space, a tarp'll do the job.

Convinced you need a tarp yet?

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Camping hammocks

Swing lightly in the breeze after a long day adventuring. There's something wonderful about hammocks. They're comfortable, easy to set up and if you're hanging around you won't have a tree root sticking in your back through your bivvy bag.

Be the King of the Swingers.

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