Camping Shelter

Camping Shelter

From the humble beginnings under a sheet fort in the front room, we all need some shelter. Starting with our award winning Hunka / Hunka XL bivvy bags and staying light and compact on alpine ledges or microadventures to adding a Rig tarp for added shelter and comfort, everything you need to pitch it in any configuration and finally our tried and tested lightweight backpacking and bikepacking tents - we've got you covered..... Read more

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Waterproof and breathable bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g
Bundle price £49.99
  • Kelp
  • Lego
  • Chilli

Hunka XL

Breathable, waterproof bivvy bag weighing just 500 g
Bundle price £64.99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli
  • Lego


Ultralight bivvy bag with a zipped opening weighing just 265 g
Bundle price £129.99


One person hooped bivvy for a pitch-anywhere sleeping shelter
Bundle price £99.99


One-person hammock for camping with hanging straps
Bundle price £39.99

Mora Bug Net

Mesh net to keep insects out of your hammock
Bundle price £19.99

Rig 3.5

Siliconised ripstop nylon tarp with 16 hypalon attachment points
Bundle price £64.99

Rig 7

30d siliconised ripstop nylon tarp, the ultimate lightweight shelter for backpackers
Bundle price £99.99

Rig 21

Lightweight siliconised tarp large enough for up to 8 people
Bundle price £139.99


2 person 3 season geodesic backpacking tent weighing 3kg
Bundle price £119.99

Ordos 2

Ultralight 2 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent
Bundle price £229.99

Ordos 3

Ultralight 3 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent
Bundle price £269.99

Jaran 2

Twin porch ultralight 2 person 3 season backpacking tent
Bundle price £229.99

Jaran 3

Twin porch ultralight 3 person 3 season backpacking tent
Bundle price £269.99

Viso 2

3 season backpacking tunnel tent weighing 3.2kg
Bundle price £129.99

Viso 3

Large living areas and strong weather protection whilst being light enough to carry
Bundle price £149.99


4-person 3-season tent weighing 8.8kg
Bundle price From £329.99


2-person organic cotton bell tent with a 3 metre diameter
Bundle price From £599.99


Extremely strong 2 person 4 season geodesic mountain tent
Bundle price £399.99


4 person 4 season mountain tent. Exceptional protection
Bundle price £499.99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli


6 person 4 season geodesic expedition tent weight 9.7kg
Bundle price £799.99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Survival Bag

Orange single person survival bag; a safety essential
Bundle price £5.99

Kapar 4

Waterproof and windproof 4-person storm shelter
Bundle price £30.00

Kapar 8

Waterproof and windproof 8-person storm shelter
Bundle price £40.00

Fredd 3

3mm Camping Utility Cord
Bundle price £5.99

Fredd 4

4mm Camping Utility Cord
Bundle price £6.99

Fredd 5

5mm Camping Utility Cord
Bundle price £7.99


Set of 5 shiny red and grey micro clips
Bundle price £6.99


Pair of lightweight titanium accessory carabiners
Bundle price £7.99

Candy Canes

Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg
Bundle price £9.99


Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds
Bundle price £14.99


Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs
Bundle price £19.99

Y Beams

Y-shaped, strong, lightweight aluminium tent peg
Bundle price £9.99


Pack of 6 uberlight full length titanium tent pegs
Bundle price £14.99

TiRods (6 pack)

Pack of 6 titanium tent pegs weighing just 15 grams each
Bundle price £27.99

Rain Shadow Umbrella

Time-honoured rain protection: the simple brolly
Bundle price £14.99


Universal groundsheet for bivvying or extra tent protection
Bundle price £19.99

Soloist Footprint

Protective footprint to tuck under your Soloist
Bundle price £24.99

Ordos 2 Footprint

Footprint your Ordos 2 groundsheet to give it extra protection
Bundle price £29.99

Ordos 3 Footprint

A footprint to slip under your Ordos 3
Bundle price £39.99

Jaran 2 Footprint

Protect your Jaran 2 from protrusions, water and muddy ground
Bundle price £29.99

Jaran 3 Footprint

Protect and extend the life of your Jaran 3
Bundle price £39.99

Axiom Footprint

Protective tent groundsheet to extend the life of your Axiom
Bundle price £39.99

Roundhouse Inner

Compartment to separate your Roundhouse’s living and sleeping areas
Bundle price £139.99

Kangri Footprint

An extra layer of protection to go with your Kangri
Bundle price £59.99

Zhota Footprint

Added protection for your Zhota
Bundle price £59.99

Heksa Footprint

A bombproof footprint for our bombproof tent
Bundle price £149.00