Williams Compass & Whistle

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Expedition compass for finding your way in the hills and a safety whistle to alert attention in emergencies

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  • Williams Whistle

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  • Williams Compass

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Combine the Williams Compass and Whistle with a good map and you have everything you need to stay safe out on the hills. For extra reassurance both compass and whistle come with an infinite length battery life.*

Williams Compass

Expedition compass with clear and precise markings for ease of use when navigating. Grid reference and distance scales for OS, Harvey and BMC maps with a reflective needle and damping oil in the bearing for more precise readings.

Williams Whistle

Survival whistle for whistling really, really loud in emergency situations: bright orange, shrill, you know the sort. Clip for attaching to your rucksack, eyelet for a lanyard and EN ISO 12402-08 compliant for attaching to life jackets.

*Batteries not included. Or needed. Whoop!