Lightweight bouldering pad


8 cm thick light and portable taco-style bouldering pad, ideal for whipping round your local circuit (or in Font if you’re lucky) or as a second pad; made in our UK factory

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Phud Lightweight bouldering pad


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As our lightest full pad with a square metre langding space, Phud can be found dashing round an evening circuit or working alongside a bigger pad when things get serious.

Phud’s simple carry system, with a single removable shoulder strap, makes it super versatile and portable. Throw it over your shoulder as you move from boulder to boulder or hang it on your main pad for the walk-in.

A taco-style fold - with the firmer, landing side on the outside - gives a single uninterrupted landing zone with no creases. It uses two layers of foam: 4 cm open cell to absorb impact of your fall, and 4cm closed cell to spread your weight across the pad so you don’t bottom out (compress your pad all the way to the ground). This foam lives in a tough 600 denier Torino shell with a DWR coating, sewn and bar-tacked in our UK factory to endure the tough life of a bouldering pad.

Side grab handles make it easy for your spotter to shift the pad as you climb. When it comes to packing away, strong and secure aluminium tension hooks help you close cinch in the pad.


We fall off things a lot, so we make crash pads that can take a lot of falls. Our foam is crosslinked – a process which bonds molecules in the foam that would not usually link together to make it much stronger and reduce break down from repeated compressions. This makes our foam more shock absorbent and durable than other foams on the market.


Key Features

  • Simple taco bouldering pad for whipping round the circuits or accompanying your main pad.
  • Designed and manufactured in our UK factory (just next door to HQ). 
  • Taco closure for an uninterrupted flat landing zone.
  • 2 layer construction: open cell foam for shock absorption and closed cell foam for distributing your weight.
  • Lateral grab handles or single shoulder strap carry system for boulder hopping, it also hangs on your main pad for the walk-in.
  • Secure 4 aluminium tension hook closure.
  • Angled corners and minimal seams for durability.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Outer: 600 denier Torino, DWR coating  Base layer foam: 40 mm HLB22 polyether open cell foam; density: 19 – 23 kg/m3; hardness: 250 – 300 newtons  Top layer foam: 40 mm closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam; density: 25 kg/m3   Hardware: Aluminium Tension Buckles, YKK zips 


Weight: 3.4 kg  Open size: 100 x 100 x 8 cm 

Carry system

Removable shoulder strap, max length 2 metres

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

Always store your pad flat so that it continues to lie flat when you’re using it and to prolong the life of your foam. To clean your bouldering pad, brush off excess dirt, wipe down with a damp sponge then leave to dry. Our bouldering pads are made to endure. All our foam is protected by a 3 year Alpine bond, all bouldering pad ‘shells’ are protected by a 25 year Alpine bond. If you do want to replace your foam, you can buy new foam directly from us.


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