A Dads Adventure

A Dads Adventure

With its long hours of daylight June is a great month to get out after work and cram as much into an evening session as you would into an entire day, and still be back at your desk the following morning. It is of course Father's Day as well, so as well as enjoying your own summer adventures why not set your dad a Father's Day challenge? Check out our selection of equipment to help Dad make the most of his adventure... Read more

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Heat it and eat it, a 560 g integrated cooking system for quick cooking on the go. Ideal for fresh brews on the trail, hot soup and nutritious one-pot wonders

Bundle price $58.00

Hunka XL

Hunka XL is breathable, packs down small and weighing just 500 g is a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists

Bundle price $83.00
  • Lego
  • Kelp
  • Chilli


A simple bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g, Hunka is breathable, packs down small and a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists

Bundle price $64.00
  • Lego
  • Chilli
  • Kelp

Tanka Fuel Bottle

Handy, durable 450ml bottle for carrying your camping fuel

Bundle price $9.00 Was $11.00

MytiMug 400

400 ml titanium mug, perfectly proportioned for morning coffee and soup at lunch, the perfect cooking mug for lightweight heroes

Bundle price $33.00


Meths camping stove weighing just 150 g with a flame regulator, a simple and reliable cooking system for worldwide adventuring

Bundle price $39.00


Titanium knife, fork and spoon set to take on every camping adventure

Bundle price $19.00


Titanium chain for suspending your cookpot over an open fire, add an extra dimension to your meal times

Bundle price $11.00

Shox Comfort Twins

Modern sprung grip 3 section snaplock walking poles to improve motion and reduce knee impact on the trail.

Bundle price $51.00


Chop the weight. For the skilled aficionado, chopsticks can replace the spoon, fork or knife. Miyagi are made from lightweight titanium. Just because we can.

Bundle price $17.00


At just 45 g this is possibly the world's lightest camping stove, Kraku's tiny pack size makes it perfect for ultralight adventures and flying solo.

Bundle price $35.00

Rig 7

30d siliconised Cordura ripstop nylon tarp, the ultimate in versatile lightweight shelter for backpackers, bikepackers and alpinists

Bundle price $127.00
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Fredd 5

Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

Bundle price $11.00


Polished stainless steel hip flask to carry 170 ml of your favourite tipple

Bundle price $23.00


196 lumen camping lantern and charging station for illuminating your camp life, with USB power output to recharge mobile phones.

Bundle price $51.00


450 ml titanium mug with twin wall insulation and a silicone drinking lid to keep your drinks warm from the commute to the campsite

Bundle price $51.00

Airo 180

Your full length lightweight and compact self-inflating mat

Bundle price $58.00