Your companion in adventure

By Kenny Stocker

Pulling on a soft, warm, down duvet jacket before leaving the house and scraping the ice off your screen is one of winters small pleasures. Slinging it on between boulder problems at the Bowderstone is another, supping Vin Chaud around a bonfire in a starlit alpine valley is another. For some simply having it to put on after a climb at Ratho is justification enough.

It isn't always comfortable doing good things in nice places. Some of the places we find beautiful are simply uninhabitable, harsh environments with penetrating weather. To stay functional we have to keep our core body warm and with our relatively hairless bodies we need a little help. Of course nature already knows the best solution and invented goosedown! Col studied zoology at school and he assures us our bodies are unlikely to go down that road, so the best we can do is bag it up and make a garment.

Filo has been in the Alpkit range for 5 years and in that time has travelled the world keeping adventurers and racers warm, healthy and fit in the harshest conditions. A faithful friend, a stunning jacket, light, compact, exceptional quality and fits like a dream. That's Filo, we think we have the most in demand jacket in the UK, probably also the fastest selling. You know you have got things right when a Filo user tells you their next jacket will be a new Filo!

Ice climbing in Kandersteg

You can read the spec, it is black and white, but more than often you just want some good old fashioned advice and who better to describe our down jacket than our customers. We have pages of feedback that make us gush: the 'warmest jacket I have owned', 'warm as toast', 'quality second to none' and it doesn't stop there. 'So light, a perfect fit', 'exceptional quality', 'excellent value'. We have worked really hard to get this feedback, really hard. Where the feedback has been, let's say more constructive, we have taken it on board. We only use hand sorted white goosedown, and this year we have given much more attention to detail, anatomically cut hood, long back length, big puffy baffles, colour matched zips, fleecy lined pockets, soft touch drawcords, contemporary colour choice, less shiny fabric.. in short we have built a slicker beast.

Detailing is nice but Filo doesn't compromise function for form. It is still, and always has been a functional jacket, equally adept racing around Annapurna, keeping you warm at Everest base camp, topping out on Killi or making the short stroll from Langdale campsite to the Old Dungeon Gill.

Your jackets lifespan

They say we should all think about our retirement, but what happens to your old jacket when you retire it? We love having the latest colours and features as much as anyone, but if there is still life in your old garment why not give it a second home?

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