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By Kenny Stocker

We are as our friend Johhny P would say, a little giddy. Why? because we are now stocking one of the premium climbing brands in Europe.. Roca Ropes. Now some people might think ehup, what are Alpkit doing selling other brands?! Although our little factory is pretty darn good at making a lot of soft goods, we would get tied up in knots trying to make a rope, and if we wanted someone else to make a rope for us well.. we would probably go to Roca anyway!

Nick has been pouring over the range for weeks, he has been coming to and fro strutting past the customer service with the Roca workbook protruding from his half-open shoulder bag, teasing us, tantalising us with the promise of getting our mitts on some of the finest climbing ropes Europe can make.

Col has really pulled out all the stops to get some great photos on the site, and believe me they really are as good as they look. Here is a quick guide to help you cut through the range very generaly based on activity but don't let this restrict you.

Sport climbing

If you want a basic no nonsense rope for clipping up bolts you can’t go wrong with the Kalymnos. It has no special treatments applied to it which keeps the price low. We are stocking it in two lengths.. 60 and 70 metres. Which length is best? Look at the routes you want to climb and make sure it is long enough!

Minus is for the more regular climber, Tot-Sec dry treatment improves the dirt and water resistance and it passes the UIAA Sharp Edge test giving you reassurance over more adventurous terrain.

The brightest rope we stock is Siurana, is that even a valid factor to be choosing a rope by? 9.8 mm thick it is light enough to allow you to push your grade on sport or straight up trad routes. With a name like Siurana you won't be surprised it is a rope for Not restiricted to warm dry conditions with the Tot Sec dry treatment this is going to be a great rope for high level winter icefall climbing. We are stocking the 80 metre length so you may have to buy more ice screws!

If you are operating at the higher grades, spending months training waiting for the season and stars to align before going for the on-sight you should seriously take a look at the Dominator. The thinnest single rope in the range, infact it can also be used as a half rope. Major weight saving to be had so you don't need to go so easy on the pies.

Alpine climbing

If you need a workhorse go for a couple of Strong 9. It is the toughest most durable half-rope in the range and sure won't mind this short description.

Wenden is a great rope for Alpine rock or British trad where the half-rope system is commonly used. We are stocking the 60 metre and 50 metre lengths so you can choose to trim down your weight if you choose.

Want to move fast and light? you are going to need to go for Migu the ultimate in lightweight.. and also the best named rope in the range. It is the thinnest rope on offer and can be used as both a half or twin rope. We have chosen to stock the 60 m length which should see you up (and down) most Alpine pitches! Dry coated and passes the UIAA Sharp Edge test, a good choice for Alpine winter climbing.

General Purpose

The beauty of climbing is its diversity, it is rare to specialise in just one discipline. Free is a great choice when you want 1 rope that does everything pretty well.. top roping at your local gym, sport climbing or even big walling.

Strong 11 is a rope for demanding conditions or regular use. If you are heading off on a multi-day adventure up a big wall you want a rope that will take a beating.

Trekking / Ski mountaineering

If your ambitions are more horizontal than vertical take a look at Trek, a compact 30 metre 7.8 mm rope. Don’t get put off by its tiny dimensions, this rope is not a toy! A fully rated climbing twin-rope you can rely on when the going gets spicy.

Obviously all Roca ropes come with the appropriate CE, UIAA and EN testing and quality assurances you would expect from a major brand with over 100 yrs of experience making ropes! We have them all out on show in our showroom, so why not pop in and get a feel for them.

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