Top Tarp Tips

By Kenny Stocker

With literally hundreds of guides on how to pitch a tarp and the huge number of configurations posssible we didn't want to add another guide - check out some useful links at the bottom of the article for different ways to rig your tarp and all the ins 'n' outs of Tarpology (A real word I promise!!)

We thought we could put together some tips we have found to make pitching a little easier.

First of all - a couple of ways to attach your tarp.

Using a split twig to grab the edge -

Simply split a small stick and slot part of the tarp in the middle, followed by wrapping the twig with cord to clamp down on the tarp. Check out the pics below -

Another way is to use a small stuff sack larks footed through the loops on the tarp, any bag with a drawcord could be used for this. Firstly loop the drawcord around the tarps attachment, then place your pole/paddle/tree in the bag and pull the drawcord tight -

Next some simple knots -

Using a loop and threading back through the loop itself after going aound a tree or similar anchor you can secure one end of a taught line quickly -

Applying a friction knot called a Prussik you can pull your tarp tight quickly - there are many versions but two simple ones to use are the 'Classic Prussik' -

Or the French Prussik -

By attaching the end to a carabiner then to your tarp, or by looping it through and then tying the ends directly on you can cut down on the amount of equipment you are carrying.Make sure you use whatever equipment you would usually have with you, this means when it is raining and cold you don't have to think about it!

Useful Links -

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Comprehensive Tarp guide from Tarp Shelters an introduction

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