The humble tent peg

By Jay Oram

We have a full range of tent pegs available, each one carefully thought out for a variety of uses, weights, dimensions and even colours!

The most popular among the team here at Alpkit is also the simplest - Candy Cane. A 15g aluminium hook shaped peg that you can wack into hard ground, bend to make a pot stand or use in the boggiest ground. They come in a pack of ten and are bright red - so easily found in the field after striking camp.

We have also catered for the ultralight while not going crazy and reducing them to the size of a toothpick. Our Titanium Ti-pins have the surface area to grab any ground, but only weigh 9g. They have been extensively tested on bikepacking journeys all over the world!

If you are looking for an unbreakable, but still lightweight peg, the two different sized Y-beams, in 180mm and 200mm lengths have a large surface area and due to the design are also very strong.

For the family glamper or anyone with a large tipi or bell tent, the aluminium Spikes are strong enough to hold the biggest tent down and can be hammered into any ground - these have been used to anchor light aircraft and hot air balloons down!

Last but definitely not least is the Ankkor - a sand or snow peg with a huge surface area and made from hard wearing but strong Aluminium - coming in at £15 for four they are the cheapest around and popular with snow bound travellers and desert 4x4 expeditions.

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