Supporting OSS in 2016

By Dan Thompson

Here at Alpkit we’re big fans of wild swimming, one of the main reasons we decided to make wetsuits were so that we could keep swimming when water temperatures dropped. Our suits are designed specifically for wild, open water swimming, rather than others that are designed for Triathlon or for watersports.

As part of this process we are pleased to continue our support for the Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS) for 2016.

The OSS manifesto is:

  • We believe swimming enlarges and celebrates the beauty of each day.
  • We believe in sharing the joy and adventure of swimming.
  • We believe all have a right to swim under an open sky.
  • We believe in open access to lakes and rivers and in keeping lidos open
  • We believe clean water in our lakes and rivers is a fundamental right.
  • We embrace the delight of cold (and colder) water and its rejuvenating effects.
  • We promise to strip and dip wherever we can.

Now we think that’s a manifesto we can get behind, well actually you might get strange looks from some here at Alpkit HQ for a couple of these. Especially without a wetsuit (or even a drysuit)!

Established in 2006, the OSS does a great job in representing the interests of all wild swimmers and provides a fantastic resource to beginners right through to seasoned pros – and everyone in between.

Their websiteis a one stop resource providing a place where swimmers can connect and share projects, websites, advice, photos, videos, stories and experiences. A great resource is their crowdsourced swim mapwhich is a fantastic tool for finding where to wild swim in your local area. Anyone can add a spot to it so the map is constantly kept updated by other swimmers.

The OSS also organise 2 major events each year which we're delighted to get behind, along with many other fun events. They also orchestrate theirAdventure Swim Series. This is a series of free, wild swims, offered to OSS swimmers by OSS swimmers - with the promise that they'll take you to places (mental, physical or geographical) that you have never been before. Here's an example of one such swim.

The Bantham Swoosh in July is an evening 6km estuary swim in Devon

Bantham Swoosh Outdoor Swimming Society from Outdoor Swimming Society on Vimeo.

The Dart 10kis their headliner and takes place in September and participants swim the 10k down the Dart estuary from Totnes to Dittisham. If you're lucky there might be a few tickets left.

Dart 10k Outdoor Swimming Society from Outdoor Swimming Society on Vimeo.

We hope to see you at one of these events or out on the water when we’re put and about in 2016.

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