Sonder Q&A

By Ashleigh Naysmith

An insight into the design of our Sonder range of bikes by Bike industry expert, Brant Richards.

Bike designer Brant Richards, the man behind the design of our new range of Sonder bikes offered a brief insight into the inner workings of ‘Bikes’ and what goes into creating the perfect frame.We hosted a Q&A with Brant on the Alpkit Facebook page.Brant was ably assisted by our in house Sonder Bike Guru, Neil. Factory Ninja Ben, AlpCol, AlpKenny and NewDan.

If you missed it – here are the highlights and some questions that may be useful for anyone considering a Sonder bike.

Q: Would a 120mm 29'' Rev be okay to run on the Transmitter with 650b+ tyres?"

A: Yes - one of the great things about the Transmitter is that it will happily do that. Even better - the longer rake of the 29er forks effectively shorten them a bit. Geometry is funny like that. – Brant

Q: Afternoon, any details on the Sonder Vir Fortis? (new carbon Fat Bike) spec, hub sizes, ETA, costs? Cheers

A: Ball park figures are £800 frame and forks, £1900 build (GX) We just need to do some last minute calculations to nail this a bit more accurately.

Q: Where are the frames made? Ti and Aluminium?

A: Frames are made in Southern China in a couple of awesome factories I've used for ages. - Brant

Q: Can the Transmitter be outfitted with dual gear and front derailleur?

A: The Transmitter can be fitted with a front mech but will require a HDM mech and band on adaptor as the frame doesn't have a cable stop due to being designed around modern 1x setups. - Neil

Q: The Camino has caught my eye, how much off road punishment could the carbon fork take? Why didn't you use a through axle?

A: Camino Ti can take UP TO 44c 700c tyres - which aren't really mountainbike size. And works great with 32, 38c ones. We just give you lots of mud room and capacity. -The carbon fork is super solid. I wasn't able to source a through axle model with the clearances I wanted for future developments. - Brant

Bike Luggage

Q: Any sizing details on the big brother to the Koala?

A: Ben has literally just finished the first prototype, so we've not worked out exact sizing. It's 15cm longer, so looking at around 4 or 5 l more capacity. We shall do further real life testing now this one is made up. – Col

Q: Any plans to do a bag to fit the anything cage?The larger stem cell you released not long back nearly does the job.Just needs a roll top closure.

A: We don't have any plans to make one to add to our product range but feel free to get in touch with details of your needs and we should be able to make you some custom ones. – Neil/Ben

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