Movie Mondays with SteepEdge

By Ashleigh Naysmith

At the end of a busy day at AKHQ, we like to kick back and have some fun. Summer is all about squeezing the most out of the daylight but winter is about embracing the darkness with brisk bike rides, testing out torches on night runs, GRIT SEASON and Movie Mondays!

Once a month, we order in some pizza after work, set up the projector and watch some legendary SteepEdge Adventure films to invigorate our psyche for the coming months. We try to mix it up and make sure there is something for everyone.

This week we watched Showdown at Horseshoe Hellplus a bit of a curveball with Red Bull’s new release, The Fourth Phase. Here is what the team thought:


Showdown at Horseshoe Hell follows Alex Honnold, Nik Berry and Mason Earle whilst they take on the infamous 24 Hours Of Horseshoe Hell; “the wildest event in the climbing world: a mash-up of ultramarathon and Burning Man”.

Jamie: “The main basis of the film was about two lesser known climbers trying to team up and take down Alex Honnold.”

Ashleigh: “Honnold and the Berry/ Earle team rip into each other and climb hard. Honnold brings out the big guns, whips out all the ridiculously hard routes (standard) and rubs it in Berry and Earle’s faces mercilessly. It was fast paced, keeping you hooked in.”

Jamie: “The competition looked fun and I thought the film showed the endurance and mental and physical stress involved in this type of event really well, whilst keeping the film entertaining and funny at times.”

Ashleigh: “There was some excellent banter between Honnold and Berry/ Earle. It was enough to make you go ‘ooph, that was below the belt!’”

Jamie: “I thought it was great that Berry and Earleseemed to be purely motivated by beating Alex Honnold.”

Ashleigh: “I found that the energy exhibited by everyone was infectious. Many of them were looking pretty battered and delusional by the 18-hour mark.”

Next up was The Fourth Phase -Red Bull TV introduces the film as: “Iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and his team embark on a 16,000 mile journey to some of the most dreamlike landscapes around the North Pacific, discovering more than new terrain.”

Jamie: “I was a big fan of The Art of Flightwhich was the previous film and so was really looking forward to seeing this.”

Ashleigh: “The cinematography was truly epic- as expected from such a big Red Bull film. Those wide angle shots encompassing those glossy white snowscapes is enough to leave you drooling.”

Connie: “There were some REALLY impressive mountain scenes.”

Ashleigh: “This film is jam-packed with stupefying, stunning action shots - it’s what Red Bull are best at.”

Connie: “And when they were snowboarding in that powder in Japan - it was amazing. I want to go skiing in Japan!”

Ashleigh: “But then, there is this amazing cleanshot with the jagged tops of the Rockies in the background, a huge sheet of snow and a rider taking the jaw-dropping line down. Next, there is a crack as the mass of snow breaks away and an avalanche engulfs the boarder. Heart in mouth.”

Connie: “Yeah, the bit with the avalanche was pretty tense. Travis did keep falling over and hurting himself, though.”

Jamie: “The weather was not kind to them when they were there. The soundtrack and filming, however, were amazing, as usual, and I'm sure would look even better if viewed in the 4K option.”

AK: And finally, what pizza did you have, guys?

Connie: "Veggie Volcano (it was bit spicy)!"

Ashleigh: "The classic margarita!"

Jamie: "Meatior Large with as much garlic sauce as I could get my hands on."

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