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By Alpkit

UPDATE:So the month is up.. what did we get up to? Nick pulled on his sneakers and walked to work, Izzy and Ben got pursuaded to face their worst fears in an open boat Canoe Safari, Jay discovered his local area through Geo-Caching, while Ken, Jim and Jenni chose to Work hard and canoe home.

The balance between living to work and working to live is a fine one, which is why the past couple of months we have been taking a look at things we can do everyday, little challenges that are not going to make any headlines, but just find their way into our lives and keep us ticking over with a big smile on our face. We have taken inspiration from people we have met, people with grand plans, people with wee plans. They have been people we have known for years and some like Al Humphreys who we are yet to meet.

"As I've said over and over again about microadventures: you don't need skill, money, time or hardness to sample them: take your duvet and a pillow and sleep out on your lawn one fine summer evening. If you get cold or it rains you can simply scamper back inside. Just try it. It's a super escape from normalness and routine. (When I was at uni I once slept on a third-floor windowsill just to see what it was like)." Al Humphreys on his Year of Microadventures.

Of course big stories of Daring Deeds in far off lands are still valid, but just like driving a Landy through the streets of Montepulciano, BIG can also be impractical. Unfortunately we are far from being as inspiring or adventurous as Al or the countless others who can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day, but we try in our own small way to encourage people to get their kit together, get off standby and go somewhere nice to do something good.

If you are looking for inspiration or you want to try something new take a look at our exciting new venture.. the School of Adventure which we are running as part of the Big Shakeout in October. It is the ideal opportunity to get a taster session with some of the most inspiring and qualified people in their fields.

We are also giving Alpkit staff a day off work during the month of August to explore the theme. We are not sure what to expect, but there have been rumours of parachute jumps, bungee jumping, living in a cave and a Lama trek! We should have a few stories by the end of the month, because as we have seen telling your story matters, it influences others, it really can plant a seed in someone's head and remind us that there is still more to do!

And it really is infectious. Johnny P, not an inactive guy himself, was inspired to tackle theLakeland 100 last weekendoff the back of a lecture at Ambleside last year which featured some tall tales fromPaul Errington. He is also planning to enter the Mongol Rally influenced by the excellent Adventurists Mongol Rally film. Our Daring Deeds will be kept updated with some Inspiring Adventures and hopefully plant some seeds in peoples heads for their own.

Through August we will also see Klara Hardenleave her comfy home in Austria on a solo trip across Iceland and documenting her story of a Shipwrecked Rambler.

"In this documentary I want to show Adventure is still possible. and necessary. Iwant to show, that if you leave your everyday life, and do something different, youwill have a more interesting and richer life. Another statement of this documentaryis, that you just got to do things. That you, yourself have to make the first step. It isimportant to embrace change, to see the different and your true self.“The Story of a Shipwrecked Rambler” is for everyone who still believes in hisdreams and ideas. And for all of those who don’t. To remind them of the necessity ofdreams, hope, and the need of courage to change your life."

We are not all equipped to produce a multimedia production of our adventure but Twitter, Facebook, blogs, are all great ways of telling YOUR story, just as it was, on your terms no matter how small or personal. It all starts with that Inspiring Adventure.. For our Inspiring Adventures check out our Daring Deeds.

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