Peak, Puddings and Powder

By Connie Ceuppens

I recently moved to Matlock in the Peak District, a great place to live if you’re a lover of the outdoors like myself. I have spent many summers white water kayaking, hiking and camping out in Europe with my family and I also enjoy sailing our catamaran with my Dad on Bala Lake in Wales.

This prompted me to decide that Outdoor Studies was the right course for me at Cumbria – what better place to study for an outdoor enthusiast. The thing I really liked about the Cumbria course was the diversity of it – not just based on outdoor sports, but taking in the environmental aspects, conservation and management of outdoor spaces.

After doing my degree I wasn’t sure what to do with rest of my life so decided to see a bit of the world; travelling to various places including South America, New Zealand and a cycle trip across France to Spain! I also took a job as a chalet host in France for the season last winter – this was a particular challenge because I had to cook meals for up to fifteen guests twice a day – it was a great way of honing my culinary skills.

I have been involved in various different jobs including lifeguarding at the local leisure centre, working in the Bakewell pudding shop in Bakewell (not good for your waistline) and several volunteering positions.I decided I wanted a job relevant to me and with a good company, and fortunately I found out about the job vacancy as Customer Support Hero at Alpkit.I have bought a number of Alpkit goodies over the years, so was already familiar with the company (my favourite being my trusty Filo down jacket!). The job seemed like the right fit – a growing company with an outdoor focus, a vibrant work environment and great people.

So here I am, it is my third week in Alpkit so I am still finding my way around a bit but getting there! The computer system was all a bit daunting to start with as well as learning about all the different products. Luckily Customer Support get regular training sessions on all the different products. This week our Sonder bike Guru, Neil took us through the ins and outs of the new range of Sonder bikes. Turns out there’s a lot more to a bike than I first thought! My own personal favourite is the Camino, I could have done with just such a bike on my cycle tour to Spain!

This week we’ve got bike luggage training so we’ll see what that throws up! All in all a very lovely place to work.

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