Your order may be delayed on Tuesday 6th

By Kenny Stocker

We are updating our order processing systems on Tuesday 6th March. You will be able to place orders as normal during this period but we will not be able to process them until the update is finished.

If everything goes smoothly this will be around noon. If we can get any orders out the same day we will do, but it is safer to assume they will go out on Wednesday 7th.

As a precaution we are caging our despatch team and temporarily disabling next day shipping. Both will be released once the update has been approved by James and Lupin the IT dog.

Ashleigh and the support team will be eagerly watching on and chewing their nails. They will have extremely limited access to any order information during the downtime, but will do the best they can to offer you support. Unfortunately we will not be able to take phone orders.

See you on the other side!

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