Xmas Treasure Hunt 2016

By Col

Back again to get you out and break up, or indeed enhance, your festive celebrations is our Christmas treasure hunt! It might just be a bit of fun, but our Alpelves have been running around parts of the UK finding their most devious spots to hide our £50 Alpkit Goodie Vouchers (AGV's). So if you're lucky enough to be in the vacinity of one of them you'd better be quick off the mark as they'll be others sniffing them out, whatever the weather... although last year we had one get snowed over and didn't turn up till just before Easter!

From Boxing Day we will be announcing the co-ordinates of each of the 5 treasure spots in turn, so keep a sharp eye out each day. The hidden spot will be revealed across our social network sites,Facebook,TwitterandInstagram, plus we'll be doing our best to update this page too! Then it's down to you to head off and find it. When you find an AGV don't forget to celebrate by sharing a pic so we know you've done it! #alpkit #alpkittreasure #goniceplacesdogoodthings

May you enjoy the festivities, whatever you're doing.

Treasure 1:

FOUND!!! Sounds like it was a close one too!

Treasure 2:

Grid Ref: SH 54122 71175

Plus a little clue:

'Down to the Swellies in your wellies. By the bench, back to 'Strait'. Search the trees if you're not too late.'


Treasure 3:

'From the bench looking out to sea, behind the tree, beneath the rocks, the treasure you will see'


Treasure 4:

Grid Ref. SJ618075.

'First make sure there's no giant around, then head to this little clearing for treasure to be found. Head to the side and amongst the trees, when looking back out a treat is there to please.'


Treasure 5:


Treasure 6:

A little bonus Treasure Hunt to bring in 2017...

If you needed an excuse to get out and clear your head then here it is...

It's not too high or remote as the weather hasn't been great so here you go... Dave and Fran placed it yesterday.

Elev: 610
NN 14689 72466

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