Nat Spring: 40 Day Wellbeing Challenge

By Alpkit

Former teacher Nat Spring is on a mission to encourage as many people as possible to take on a Wellbeing 40 Day Challenge!

Nat lives in North Berwick andeighteen months ago,whilst supporting pupilson a school trip,suffered a head injury when emerging from the dungeon at Dirleton Castle . He developed post-conussion syndrome and, as a result, has suffered life altering changes from memory loss to severe fatigue and high sensitivity to light and noise.

His journey back to health is progressing slowly, but Nat has already acheived some impressive milestones in his journey, first cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh, then a 150 mile cycle across scotland in 3 days and raising £1,500 for Headway - the brain injury assciation in the process.

Along the way he’s taken time to reflect on what well-being really means, and has been helped by the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' developed by the New Economics Foundation:

Connect: Do something to connect with people around you.

Learn: Try something new or rediscover an old interest.

Active: Discover a physical activity you enjoy.

Notice: Find something that helps you become aware of the world around you.

Give: Do something for family, a friend or a stranger.

As a way of helping him continue his recovery, he decided to create his own 40 Day Wellbeing Challenge. When Nat got in touch with us at the Alpkit Foundation to tell us about his plans we jumped at the chance to help him out with a bit of kit. Here's what Nat is heading out to achieve:

  • Slow cycle for 40 days in Scotland, covering around 1,000 miles.
  • Encourageat least40 people to take up their own Wellbeing 40 Day Challenge.
  • Raise £400 for the John Muir Trust

As part of his own challenge, Nat is invitingas many people as possible to create their own Wellbeing 40 Day Challenge which is as simple as:

  • Choosing an activity.
  • Doing it for 40 Days.
  • Improving your Wellbeing!

Your action can be as simple or complicated, as gentle or as energetic as you want. For example you could, for the next 40 days, decide that each day you will:

Talk to someone new. Meet friends for coffee.

Go for a walk in silence and pick out 5 different smells.

Turn your phone off for an hour a day. Not take Netflix to bed.

Smile at someone. Compliment someone. Show appreciation for someone publicly.

Take some time for yourself. Reflect on how you are feeling. Pray

Eat lunch outside. Make your own lunch. Go for a run.

Cycle halfway to work. Plank for one minute. Join a club or group. Take up a new sport.

Hold the door open for someone. Do a chore for your family.

Spend time with a friend or family member who needs support or company... It can really be anything you like!

The reason Nat's choosing 40 days is that if you do something for 40 days, there is a good chance it will become a habit and so it'll have a far greater impact on your wellbeing

For more information and to register your own 40 day challenge, go to

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