Wanted: Customer Support Assistant Manager

By Ashleigh Naysmith

We are looking for someone who is driven to deliver great customer experience day in day out. As the captain of our small team you will be on the front line, dealing with day-to-day issues, encouraging and motivating the team across sales, order fulfilment and returns. You will have a key role in helping to maintain and develop our award-winning team. You will have the opportunity to impact and influence the direction of the team and create a memorable yet effortless experience for our customers.

Key Outcomes

  • Maintain Customer Service Standards: Ensure we have an agile but consistent department with expert support that can handle changes in workload.
  • Work closely with other departments to create the best experience for customers; managing relationships with other departments and facilitating great communication to ensure we are creating a better experience. Speaking up for the needs of the customer.
  • Deliver support that our customers want: Utilising customer survey feedback to improve what we offer; developing support for international customers.
  • Reach department environmental goals


Coordinating team on daily basis to ensure standards are being maintained & responding to changes in workload
Coordinate with team leaders to ensure all 3 core areas of sales, order fulfilment and returns are functioning optimally.
Ability to step in and pick up core workload when team is stretched.
Strong knowledge of Alpkit and Sonder product lines, activity and ability to advise customers.
Assist manager to achieve department outcomes and highlight issues when they arise.
Solving problems raised by team.
Supervise & train team to deliver better customer support.
Working with manager to devise training program and sessions
Involvement in recruitment decisions and interview process.
Create and maintain process documentation to ensure consistency of work.
Excellent organisation and time management / ability to coordinate multiple deadlines and targets for self and team
Monitor team performance and collate weekly reporting from team leaders & source information.
First point of escalation for customer complaints and issues.
Meticulous admin skills
Thorough knowledge of Word, Excel, & Mac based apps
Fluent in written and spoken English
Short term cover for team manager over holiday periods and days out of office.
Beneficial but not required:
Experience working in the outdoor industry
Experience in managing / supervising people
Experience using Khaos Control and help desk software
Fluency in additional languages, especially French, Italian, Spanish or German

Personal Attributes

Passion for creating exceptional customer experience
Confident and optimistic
Affinity towards Alpkit ethos and products
Enjoy being part of a team
Determined, enthusiastic and imaginative
Practical and knowledgable
Friendly and considerate
Fair and responsible - care for environment and people
Worldly - keeps perspective and knows when to laugh
Calm and patient
Strong attention to detail

How to apply

Please email ashleigh@alpkit.com with your CV and a cover letter that discusses your vision for Alpkit’s customer service experience and the effect that would have on our customers.
Deadline: 15th March 2019

Job details

This is a full-time position based in our head office in Eastwood, NG16 3QU.
Salary: Dependent on experience.

About Alpkit

As one of Alpkit’s 5 obsessions, customer service is placed at the heart of Alpkit operations: we are there for the customer no matter the situation. A customer can call us directly and through one of our Customer Service Heroes get information straight from the product manager, the CEO or a founder of the company – or even speak with them directly.

We strive to be with our customer throughout their journey with us. The product team aim to design quality, long lasting products. Our purchasing team work closely with our supply partners to ensure that we can be fast to react to customer feedback whilst ensuring availability of products when customers want them. The creative and IT teams focus upon making an easy experience for our customers through their purchasing process with us. Should our customers have any issues during at any point during their journey with us, our customer service heroes and store teams are on hand to help.

Our entire operation works to continually improve the Alpkit experience for our customers, from increasing product range and performance, to addressing customer concerns such as minimising plastic use and improving our internal systems to advance our service. We are a multi-award winning adventure sports brand and retailer. Our pursuit of great customer experience is at the core of what we do.

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