Wanted - Boxpacker and christmas commerce assistant.

By Kenny Stocker

We are not a company that like to dress up a job title, we like to keep things simple. We have a great site, and some great products, when we get an order we put it into a bag and send it the same day. Some days it’s manic and you will have hundreds of orders to pack, but others it’s a little quieter but there is always plenty to do. You will need to be reasonably fit and active as the day involves lots of standing around and the boxes can be pretty heavy, every few weeks a big lorry packed with more boxes turns up and somehow we stuff this into our warehouse.

You will need to be able to work independently and as part of the team. Depending on experience we will be offering between £5.81 and £6.50 an hour. If you like to get out at the weekend then we run a few events over the winter which will keep you busy.

Alpkit is still just a small team, there are just six of us, so you will be an important part of what we do. Most of all we need to get on, we have a relaxed environment but work hard. Coffee is always to hand, decent music is almost always on but it’s the customer who pays our wages so when there is stuff to do, we knuckle down and get things done.

Other jobs you may get asked to do include answering emails and picking up the phone.

What are we offering
We are offering a three month contract for part time basis hours around 20 hours a week between the hours of 11 - 3.00pm.

More about us
Alpkit is based in Ilkeston, which is halfway between Nottingham and Derby. It takes about 20mins in the car from either of them and about 40mins by bike. We are really close to the motorway so it is easy to get away for the weekend.

So what now?
Send your CV to us, with a brief letter explaining why you want to be part of the Alpkit team,

Where do I send the details?
email to nick@alpkit.com or by post to the address on our website.

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