UK factory grows

By Col

It's another exciting step in our UK manufacturing as we have finished moving the Alpkit factory to gain some extra stretching room - it's not gone far, but as the team grew the small space in our showroom just became a little too tight! The factory is still on site, just placed at the far end of our unit.

This means we can keep up the pace of making our current bouldering pads, kitbags and bike luggage whilst gaining a sampling area with thatlittle bit more space we have. It means that Ben and the team can come up with new projects and developments a lot quicker - we have already seen a few rucksack prototypes and a couple of new pieces of bikepacking luggage, so keep a close eye on things as there will be more news coming soon!

New Alpkit FactoryPosted by Alpkit on Friday, 13 November 2015

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